Half Moon

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Chaeyoung and Jeongyeon, childhood best friends and currently flatmates, declare war over their new neighbor's heart. 


[original prompt: a love triangle where jeongyeon and chaeng are best friends, and both in love with mina. each of them is faced with the dilemma if she loves her best friend more to let her have mina or mina more. then they realize some .]


“One to Zero, Son Chaeyoung!” Jeongyeon screams the moment she enters the apartment, instantly gaining the attention of her flatmate.

“You sly bear! What did you do?” Chaeyoung screams back, her playlist is a bit too loud for a background music.

Jeongyeon heads to the kitchen, putting down the grocery bags she was holding, before walking to their shared stereo and turning the volume down.


“You might want to play a sadder song to celebrate your loss,” she teases, taking a seat right next to the younger girl.



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Chapter 1: Ugh I love MiChaeng and JeongMi but the ending got me liKE YASS QUEENSSSS
candygirl225 #2
Chapter 1: I read the comments before I read the story and I was wondering why a person got touched by one of them saying "you are" and after reading it now I understand
Chapter 1: the way u put this story is like real life. . .
yehetLrilla #4
Chapter 1: it's not even a sad ending but damn i cried really hard..the ending was so beautiful, and the way chaeyoung picked words to show her feeling ugh
"you are" these two words really touched my heart

thank you(1000x)for this jeongchaeng! you don't know how much important this fic for me. jeongchaeng actually is my main otp but sadly there aren't much fics about them. hell, even most of chaeyoung tags are all about michaeng smh. when will people open their eyes and see jeongchaeng can be shipped in romantic way too.
anyway, thank you very much. and you're such a good writer. i hope to see other jeongchaeng fics from you too.
Nomohe #5
Chapter 1: Cuttteee
Chapter 1: This was so cute I've never been so touched by a story about a love triangle but this ending really touched my heart
BangsterJeongMi #7
Chapter 1: Wow just... wow. I have no words for this, the emotions, the words, that are picked to show their feelings... I am crying from happiness for 4 min already . No jam couple/ bros deserve more love and appreciation , thank you for giving it! They are still my #1 OTP and your fanfiction is like a light in the dark . Again, thank you so much for this fanfiction, will silently hope, that you will write another story about them someday:)
Hanlex #8
Chapter 1: This is so heart flutteringgg :'( too cute ugh NoJam fighting!
Chapter 1: This is so cuuuutttteeee!!!
the clownery with jeongmichaeng now is the audience clearly supports jeongchaeng more than any of mina ships lmao