Writing on the Wall


The story of how Yoongi got over Jin and fell for Hoseok.


Originally posted on AO3 for the Sunshine Hobi Fic Exchange 2.0 for recipient bulletproof_bad_wolf.


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hyun5saeng 392 streak #1
Chapter 1: Oh so cute... Loved it.. though Jin!!!! Yoongles shouldn't have forgiven so easily.. but anyways... Would surely love to see hobi and yoongi in a relationship with Mickey and Holly being their kids...:-) <3
sekosin101 #2
Chapter 1: This was quite cute. Although I don't think Seokjin's reason for cheating was valid and definitely didn't deserved such easy forgiveness from Yoongi. But whatever, it was a happy ending. A good read!
Chapter 1: Awwww. It was so sweet ^_^
Umm.. May i know if this have a sequel? For continuation of their love story??
Chapter 1: It was so cute! I really loved it. This brightened up my day!
Way to go author-nim!