Forever Your Last Love




Lee Soon-Kyu, also known as Sunny was the maknae of her family. Her brothers were over protective of her ever since she was young. When she was little, she went to go live with their grandparents in the country side. A couple years later, when she was old enough, she moved in with her brothers. What happens when one day she goes to meet her brother at work? What happens if she bumps into another guy, from another company? What will they think of each other?

Lee Sungmin was the only child in his family. Being the only child, he inherited his father’s company. When you look at him, he looks like a cute and nice guy, but everyone knows him as the mean, strict, and hard working boss. Ever since he inherited his father’s company, he began to work more and not care about other things. At home he was a normal and a fun guy, but his only problem was being a two face and not letting people know the real him. But what happens if one day, while he’s working, he bumps into a girl? A cute and bubbly girl too? What will happen now?


Kim Hyoyeon was a fun and cheerful girl. She was known as the girl who gets along with everyone. No matter what she does, she always wants to do it her way, but what happens when her parents want to run her life? Without knowing, her parents set her up in an arrange marriage with another company’s son, someone she isn’t interested in. Her parents tell her that the family likes her, but she knows, it’s only for her parent’s company to get better than the rival’s company. Speaking about the rival, ever since she was young, her aunts, uncles, and parents always told her and her cousin about their rivals. They told her never to meet them or talk to them. But what happens, when one day, she runs away from her engagement party? What happens when she runs away to her cousin’s house? What happens when she bumps into the rival? And he’s someone that caught her eyes, when she first met him?

Lee Hyukjae, also known as Eunhyuk was the oldest in his family. He was the overprotective type…Way overprotective. He was a hardworking person, always trying his best to run his company, because he knows his parents’ rivals is just around the corner…actually across the street, but you know what I mean. He isn’t the type that is arrogant and mean at work, like his rival, Lee Sungmin, which he dislikes, but he’s the nice kind, the one everyone can go to. One day, after a meeting about his rival, he bumps to someone on his way home for dinner. What happens when he keeps meeting her every time he goes somewhere? What if, she is his rival?



Lee Donghae was the middle child. He is known to be overprotective of his little sister, and got along well with his brother, but one thing always bothers them, his thoughts. Donghae was a good student in school, he always made good grades, but according to his brother, he didn’t have the responsibility to work in a company. No matter how hard he tried, his brother wouldn’t let him. Wanting to prove his brother wrong, he gets a job as a delivery guy for grocery stores. What happens when one day he bumps into the worker? What happens if she’s lazy? Will the two get along, if he keeps making her work harder and torture her for fun?

Jung Soo-yeon, also known as Jessica, is a girl from America. Her parents sent her to South Korea to learn how to live on her own. There, she met up with her cousins and lived with them. After a year of living with them and spending their money after getting fired for being a lazy fashion designer, her cousin threatened her to find a job. Not wanting to be bossed around again, she starts to work at a convenient store. One day, while being lazy at work, she meets a delivery guy. What happens if she starts to hate him? What will she do, when he keeps torturing her?


Lee Sungmin:

He's the cousin of Jessica and Hyoyeon. He is known to be an arrogant and hardworking business man. Whenever he is in public, he gives off a scary aura that makes people stay away from him. He's also 22 years old and is the President of Lee's Music and Arts.


Lee Soon-Kyu/Sunny:

She is the cute and bubbly sister of Donghae and Eunhyuk. Even though she is the maknae, she isn't spoiled, but is very hardworking. When people look at her they think she is a spoiled little girl because she uses her aegyo a lot. She is from the countryside, therefore she likes to work with animals and forget things about the city sometimes. She is the sister of the President of Lee Entertainment and is 20 years old.


Lee Hyukjae/Eunhyuk:

The overprotective brother of Donghae and Sunny. He loves to dance and take care of his family. He is an outgoing guy that will do anything for everyone. He is known to be a nice boss at work and always understands your stories. No matter what he does, he always wants the best for his family, and does whatever that makes them happy. He is 22 years old and is the President of Lee Entertainment


Kim Hyoyeon:

She is the fun and energetic cousin of Jessica and Sungmin. Ever since she was young, she knew her parents had a business rival that she shouldn't get to know. Her parents set her up in an arrange marriage that she doesn't approve of and she leaves to Sungmin's house. She loves to dance and she always takes care of her cousins, she's also always on the look out for people that she shouldn't associate with. She is 20 years old and is the daughter and future heir of Kim Entertainment.


Lee Donghae:

He is the other overprotective brother of Eunhyuk and Sunny. He is a good kid, but isn't that responsible. Sometimes he still has his childish side, for instance, messing around with people. He loves his siblings a lot and he can get sensitive sometimes when Eunhyuk messes around with him. He's trying his best to show Eunhyuk that he can work in the company, by being a delivery guy. He is 21 years old and is the brother of Lee Entertainment, and is supposed to be the CEO of Lee Entertainment.


Jung Jessica:

The lazy cousin of Hyoyeon and Sungmin. She is a fashion designer that is too lazy to work. She always likes to sleep and make people do things for her, but she ends up getting in trouble by Sungmin. She doesn't get along well with strangers and always gets into arguments with them. After getting in trouble, she finds a job at a convinent store. She is 21 years old and is the cousin of Kim Entertainment and Lee Music and Arts.


Author's Note: Hi!!! So You might remembering me...right? :D...If you don't, then I am the author of, Love Fooled Me, When You Fall In Love, Is This Really Love?, No One Like You, Only One For Me, Memories of You, As Time Goes By, and It Has To Be You. I know I am currently working on four, and I just started one, but I came up with a great idea so yeah!!

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