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+ Latin word for white
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Hot Chocolate
+ Rules
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01. Subscribing is mandatory, upvoting is highly appreciated but optional. 02. Niveus is a closed semi-literate roleplay, therefore, no interaction with outsiders, and the usage of memes and emojis must be kept to a minimum. 03. Ignoring, selective replies, triggering topics, and/or any other things that would make people uncomfortable are not allowed. If we see this, we will give you a warning. If it keeps happening, we will take immediate action. 04. Relationships are only allowed after both parties have been in the roleplay for at least four days with four hundred tweets. However, move-ins are exempted from this rule. Do keep in mind that adults are not allowed to date minors. 05. Newcomers must reach sixty-four tweets within twenty-four hours to stay in the roleplay. 06. Forty-eight hours of inactivity will result in a kickout. Include something that reminds you of the colour white in your reservation. 07. Character change is unlimited with two days interval whereas temporary character change lasts for twenty-four hours, in which the person must switch back to their original faceclaim if the faceclaim they are temporarily changing to has arrived in the roleplay. 08. Semi-hiatus lasts for two weeks whereas hiatus lasts for only a week. 09. Hiatus, semi-hiatus, character changes, unverification, and relationship must be reported through direct message. Mentions will be ignored. 10. Failure to contact us within ten hours if your account is locked will result in a kick out.
+ How to join
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01. Check the masterlist before commenting below to reserve your desired faceclaim, timezone, and password. 02. You are allowed to reserve for one more person, making your reservation, in total, two faceclaims. 03. Make your account within twenty-four hours after your reservation is accepted. 04. Recycled accounts must be cleared of its following and followers, likes, tweets, and medias. 05. Set your username as @nameniv or @nivname. Strictly in lowercase; no initials, underscores, and numbers. 06. Include Niveus somewhere in your profile. 07. Make sure to follow everyone before mentioning to be verified. 08. You may start interacting if you are not verified within ten minutes.
+ Masterlist
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Astro: Dongmin.
Blackpink: Jisoo. Jennie. Chaeyoung.
Bts: Jimin. Taehyung.
Clc: Yeeun. Yujin27. Seungyeon28.
Day6: Younghyun.
Dia: Chaeyeon.
Exo: Sehun. Jongin. Baekhyun.
Fx: Soojung.
Ikon: Jinhwan.
Jbj: Longguo. Sanggyun. Hyunbin.
Kard: Somin.
Loona: Jinsoul. Heejin. Jungeun. Jiwoo. Hyunjin27. Yerim28.
Momoland: Ahin. Dabin.
Monsta x: Hoseok.
Nct: Youngho. Taeyong. Ten. Yoonoh. Jungwoo. Sicheng. Yukhei. Yuta. Doyoung. Kun27.
Nu'est: Jonghyun.
Offonoff: Colde.
Others: Yang Hongwon. Ji Hansol.
Pristin: Kyulkyung.
Red velvet: Seungwan. Seulgi. Yerim. Joohyun. Sooyoung.
Seventeen: Seungcheol. Jeonghan. Wonwoo. Minghao. Vernon. Jihoon. Mingyu. Seungkwan. Chan. Soonyoung.
Sf9: Taeyang.
Shinee: Taemin.
Stray kids: Felix. Minho.
T-ara: Qri27.
The boyz: Younghoon.
Twice: Sana. Mina. Chaeyoung27. Tzuyu28.
Wanna one: Jihoon. Minhyun. Guanlin27. Daniel28.
Weki meki: Yoojung.
+ Wishlist
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Sana wishes for you cuties.
Jonghyun wishes for Nu'est.
Jimin wishes for World Peace.
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Yoongi & Jeongguk since 021618.
Colde, Ten, & Sicheng since 022518.
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