Tell Me What To Do

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There’s a knot that can’t be untied.


Family au / saida

saida family!


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Chapter 10: Sana feels upset and ended up unleashing it onto Dahyun which caused her to do something with the new doctor, just a kiss hopefully.

If it was more then their fates would get even more complicated.

Sana's apology was sincere and hopefully it will patch up their Rocky situation they had about telling things to their children.
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Chapter 9: A fight is never a good thing. Dahyun though that they still had a chance only for Sana to shatter it. Hurtful words were exchanged and now relationship might be even harder to make it work.
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Congrats on the feature!
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Chapter 8: Dahyun knows what Sana likes, that is why her gift to her was perfect. Also Sana's reaction was very sweet and warmed up my heart.
Congrats on the feature!!!
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Chapter 7: The moment they shared might be a restart to what they had previously. Kind of like a new beginning.

At least Dahyun knows that Minseok was speaking the truth- she still has an effect on Sana and the other one has feels for the Korean. Minseok needs to visit them more to make things better, he is kind of like an advisor, saying the truth the way it is.
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Chapter 6: It is sad that Dahyun thinks that Sana does not love her anymore. Whatever happened between them must be very hurtful to both of the pair.

Though Sana still loves Dahyun, and not just because of their children or shared past and memories. Minseok notices everything with his careful gaze.
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Chapter 1: so good
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Chapter 5: Dahyun and Sana will try to be a family for the holidays. The tension is in the air but they will make it work.

Dahyun's parents are so sweet and welcoming. Minseok probably is the same as he is part of the family as well.

Love the children, they are very sweet.

The last moment between them. Their feelings are so thick you can cut it with a knife.