Don't Play with My Love (Hwang Minhyun x OC)


Hwang Minhyun was someone who was well-known for his perfect husband-material, warm and caring personality. However, he was actually someone with commitment issues and had not been in a relationship for longer than three months. Thus, he was actually the one with the most number of ex-girlfriends among Nu'est members.


His true love story began when he met Han Yemi, right after his return to Nu'est. Yemi was a beautiful university student who worked together with Nu'est for their first comeback project as five. For their new song, Longing, they designed a sign language version and Nu'est members would sing live while the sign language instructor would sit with them and interpret the lyrics into sign language at the same time. Yemi was the chosen instructor for the project. Minhyun who could easily fall in love, was seriously attracted to Yemi and did whatever he could to get close the girl. This is the story about falling in love and learning to stay in love.


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Cherryshi #1
Chapter 1: Wow great novel! Please upload next chapter! I love it so much. ??