Bad Day


Jaebum has a temper and the members call Jennie for help



this is just another random oneshot that popped into my mind.

i do feel like it is a bit OOC though so I hope you can understand 


what do you think about this? Thanks for reading!! <3


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mrsmina #1
Chapter 1: Where am i all this time?! Why am i just found out this now?! But this is really cute, i hope i can read another new jenbum story coz i am run out of jenbum story
malangzaa #2
Chapter 1: This is really cute ^^
wwhoesh #3
Chapter 1: awhh i need more jenbum au ?
Chapter 1: This is so sweet, I really like Jenbum couple!
TaecYoonForevers #5
Chapter 1: Omg! thank you for making this! Its really great! I really like this pairing.. Jennie & Jaebum give the same vibe.. same with Jinyoung & Jisoo. I always thought that jennie and jisoo are the female version of JJProject.. Haha Our JJJJ Couples hehehe

Did you ever considered writing a full JenBum fanfic?
Tingtongtang #6
Please continue your I love it's so much
kfansjk #7
Chapter 1: Cute story ! loved it <3
Chapter 1: i loved this fic i never really thought about jennie and jaebum together before but this made me really into the idea. great writing btw!!
Mendoza_08 #9
Chapter 1: Omg!!! You dont know how much i am grateful to you because of this. Thank so much for writing this story. Its really rare to find strory about jennie and jaebum. Please can you continue this story? Please give us more jenbum moments! ?
Chapter 1: Awww cute story!!!