Oh Sehun is an artist.  He traveled to New York City to paint the Statue of Liberty.  Entering it in the art exhibit, it was found to be a plagiarized piece of artwork.  Going to court with little to no evidence, Sehun becomes worried.  He searches all over, and finally finds a defense attorney named LuHan.


Age: 24

A year out of college, Luhan graduated with his bachelor's degree in government and law.  He works at Chengdu Deffense Association.

Oh Sehun
Age: 22

A college student learning fine arts and culture.  His dream is to become a culturist artist, who travels around the world to paint famous landmarks and wonders.


Hello everyone!  Charlotte here with another story!  This story is made for: konanzeal
There is no , only a few curses.  Nothing to make it rated m.

Please do enjoy reading!



So many chapter views! Thank yahl so much XD

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Chapter 6: Thank you for writing this for me i loved this!!
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Chapter 6: They're win!!!!!
Of course xD Sehun is not guilty...he have evidence and prove...
Aahhh they love each others...luhan will be back from china and come back to Sehun xD
Thank you for the ending xD I love it xD
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Chapter 6: Omg... That was amazing.
Can't wait to read your next works..
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Chapter 5: Oh finally they found something! :D btw f... you jongin (only as fictional char here) ^^
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Chapter 5: Omg.. .yes....
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Chapter 5: They will win! I know they will,,,Luhan have the prove right now :D
Sehun and Luhan are boyfriend now,,,aaawwwww so sweet :D
Thank you for the updates :)
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Chapter 4: Sehun coming in action ^.^ !
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Chapter 4: Jongin really an ,,,so annoying,,,,
but Luhan and Sehun's relationship seems closer,,,ahhh I want they're together :D
Thank you for the updates ~~~
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Chapter 3: they're so fast with being fluffy, like a lovers :D
I love this <3
can't wait for more :D :D
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Chapter 2: Luhan is sehun's defense attorney :D :D
I hope luhan can help Sehun,,,
they're both sleep in Sehun's bed,,,woww Sehun,,,so bold :D