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Donghae believes in fairytales.

He has heard countless tales about a beautiful maiden meeting her handsome Prince Charming and falling in love. 

Donghae thinks that Prince Charmings are dazzlingly handsome.

Well, he may just have one too.


Okay, what exactly am I doing? Don't ask me. Even I don't know. I know that I'm horrible because I keep starting new fics without finishing my other fics. *cries in a corner* 




“Once upon a time, there lived a beautiful girl named Ella. She had a stepmother and two step-sisters who made her do all the household chores. She ate small meals and slept in the small attic at the top of the house. She was treated like a housemaid but had a few animal friends,” Soonha pauses as she notices that her little son has already gone to sleep, curling into a small ball on her lap cutely.


She smiles softly and kisses her sleeping child's forehead before murmuring, “Then one day, she met her prince and they lived happily ever after.


Soonha places her son on the bed carefully and covers his small body with a blanket. Caressing his chubby cheeks, she places a last kiss on his forehead before turning the lights off and leaving the room.


Little Donghae smiles in his sleep as he dreams of a handsome prince - whose eyes are as brown as almond and lips form a heartwarming gummy smile.



Main pairing: Eunhae

Side pairings: (may add later)

Genre: slightangst, romance, fluff, modern-cinderella!au.

Status: Ongoing 

Word Count:

Length: 15 chapters (probably)

Poster credit: sujueh32/ Me

Warning! There are boyxboy action, crossdressing, mentions of abuse, cute Donghae in pretty maid dress, cliché and possibly in later chapters. Don't read if you don't like these things.



Don’t plagiarize my story. It hurts an author to see her work being copied without permission.


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