When I Fell For You

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Chanyeol has been wondering for a while just what it is that Baekhyun sees in him. They've been together for a year now and Baekhyun has always avoided Chanyeol's pleas for him to tell him why he loves him. Now that it's their anniversary, Baekhyun thinks it's finally time to tell Chanyeol the story of when he fell for him.


So this is basically going to be a letter that Baekhyun wrote for Chanyeol to be able to get all of his feelings out. It's a oneshot and it's almost 2.3k words. This is the first thing I've ever written on this site so please give me some love! (or some criticism or whatever you want really)

WARNING (I guess?): This does mention some former exo members. It is very slight but if it makes you uncomfortable then just know it's in here.


You’ve been asking me basically since we started dating and I’ve somehow managed to come all this way without giving you an actual answer. There is a reason for that. But we’ll get to that later. I decided to write you this letter as a way to finally answer you. The questions? Why I love you, what I love about you, and when I fell for you in the first place. It’s story time.

I must admit that when I would think about writing something on here I always thought it would be something a lot darker than this... maybe next time
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