Reverse Psychology

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Reverse Psychology (noun): A method of getting another person to do what one wants by pretending not to want it or to want something else or something more.


After seeing Son Seungwan's latest failed attempt to woo his eldest daughter's heart, Mr. Bae finally decides to give some advice to the poor hamster based from his own experience when he was still courting Mrs. Bae back in their college days.


Of course, who would know the Bae women better than the patriarch himself?


Hey everyone! Happy New Year!


I decided to write this short story during my long vacation. This was inspired by a Korean drama which I rewatched during the holiday break. I won't tell what show it is, perhaps you guys will know just from the flow of this story.


*Clue: It's the dynamics of a sub-couple in a very sad, tragic drama. (I know what you're thinking, why did I watch such drama during the christmas/new year season? Idk really lol)


I know I still have a pending Wenrene series but I will finish it soon. I just couldn't resist writing this first :D


Lastly, based from recent events, 2018 is off to a good start for WenRene shippers. Let's hope for more moments in the next months to come ^^

Wow what a way to start October, tysm for loving this story 🫂 ive been busy with work & i dont have time to write anymore but im glad my fics esp this one is still being read by fellow wr enjoyers 💙🩷 thank you to all the comments too & lets just keep supporting wr 😄


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Congrats on the feature, nica!!!!
Congrats on the feature!
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