UNCLEAR // Taka 'One Ok Rock'

After 30 minutes of being on the roof, waving a white flag, a student who had to throw out the trash noticed us and got us 'released' right away. 
The words Taka said as soon as the door opened still was on my mind and I kept on wondering what he meant by it. I was walking with Riko after school to the donut shop when Riko noticed that something was on my mind and stopped me to ask what was wrong.

"Taka said something.."
I had told her the incident on the roof and she thought it was curious about how he was acting with me, but I didn't know him so I couldn't relate.

"What did he say?" she sounded somewhat excited and worried at the same time. 
"He said he was going to make me a fan of them or something."

Riko started to laugh as she patted my back.
"He's such a er for fame, it's awful," she said between laughter.
I tried to laugh with her, but I wasn't sure what she was laughing about so it got pretty awkward.

She stopped and linked arms with me.

"Well, we can give it a try." she her heels and changed the direction, pulling me with her. 
We were jogging past houses after houses and streets after streets, but finally, she slowed down and stopped outside of this huge buildings. I tried to catch my breath when she stood there with her arms on her hips, not even tired.

"We're here." she grinned. I looked up and the building was indeed huge. 
When we entered, Riko thanked god it was an elevator there or she wouldn't have visited her brother's band practices often. Therefore, we hopped in the elevator and she pushed 8th and off we go.
The elevator had a window so we saw when we were lifted up and I loved it. I glanced out to see the city to its fullest.
The elevator gave out a BLING and we had arrived at the 8th floor. 
When we stepped out the elevator we were faced with A LOT  of sounds from guitars, drums and then I heard a voice screaming.

"That must be them."

she didn't bother to know on the door and just stepped in.

"Hello~" she sang and they stopped playing.

"Ah, Riko and Aoi." Ryota greeted and I bowed politely back.

The other guys greeted also with a hello and then they went back to talking about improvements on the song the just played.
Taka approached us and when he saw me he shot me a wink before saying hi to Riko.
Riko rolled her eyes, nudged him in the elbow and complimented his singing before walking over to Ryota to give him something to drink. 
Taka came closer to me while taking a sip from the water bottle.

"What do you think?"

"Good, I guess." 
All I heard was him screaming, I haven't really heard him properly sung.
He put his hand on his chest as if he got hurt.

"I guess?" he said with pain.

"I haven't heard you properly, yet," I said shyly and he nodded.

"true, so let me get another chance and redeem myself," he smirked and went over to the others.

"Let's go, boys, from the top." he sat the mic on the microphone stand and cleared his voice. 
Toru grabbed his guitar and Ryota tuned his bass guitar and Tomoya twirled the drumsticks between his fingers, getting ready to start. 
Riko and I sat down on the big speaker at the corner of the room.

Toru started with the intro and then Taka started to sing and it honestly took my breath away. My lips parted in shock on how well they played and how he sang like a true professional. 
Riko noticed my reaction and laughed. Taka fixed his eyes on me and I could see he smiled while singing.
When the verse came he closed his eyes and it took off.

  So everybody - ever be buddies
Days we grew up are days we will treasure(show)
Everybody show is beginning curtain has risen
Make your own storyline
Dream as if you will live forever
And live as if you'll die today

Fuzake ai
Kudaranai hanashi wo e wa
Nakiwarai nagusame ai
So owaranai uta ima utau yo
Dream as if you will live forever
And live as if you'll die today.

When the song ended, Tomoya stood up and looked at me and Riko for feedback and Riko started to clap.
Toru scratched the back of his head as he smiled and I started to clap too.

"So Yamata, are you a fan now?" Taka asked as he had a smirk plastered across of his face and I shook my head, which made Tomoya exclaim,
I laughed.
"Play one more song and we'll see."
Taka his lips as he said he took the challenged.
He was already sweaty, and he still looked handsome. 
I shook my head immediately,

What are you thinking? pull yourself together, Aoi Yamata.

They started to play another song and Taka didn't fail at any tone he did and he even went from low to scream and then back to low before high again and I was absolutely amazed.
I became a fan.
Just with only two songs and they got me, that is how amazed I got.
They had been practicing for about an hour after we visited. Riko and I let them practice on their own so we didn't disturb them. We left even though Tomoya insisted that they needed some audience before a concert, but Riko denied and rejected the offer. They were going to meet us after practice at Riko and Ryota's place. I tried to get myself out from joining them, but Riko didn't take a no so I guess I was stuck with her and the others for a while.

Riko hummed quietly to a song that the guys had played for us at practice. She was cooking dinner so when they arrived, they didn't have to starve for much longer.

I was envious of her. She had a great personality, social, great cook and really beautiful. She was also a great sister. How she supported her brother at band practices and brought him snacks and drinks. They seem to have a great relationship.

"If Ryota complains about the soup like last time, I will punch him in the face so all his teeth will fall out, no joke," she said after having tasted the soup with a spoon.

She her lips before she squealed with delight.
"It's tasteful and spicy." 
I smiled, not because of the threat she made about Ryota, but how happy she looked, preparing the food for him and his friends. She was sure a great little sister. 
The door opened and a lot of blabbering happened.

"They're here, obviously." Riko clapped her hands together and looked around at the table if everything was set and done.

I chuckled and said,
"I think everything is ready, let's sit." I went behind her and led her to a chair and she laughed.

"Understood." she sat down and I sat down beside her.
Tomoya was first one to jump down on a chair. 
"Food!" he exclaimed and Riko stopped him from taking a bite of the salmon.

"guys hurry!" he yelled and I could hear Toru say under his breath: impatient kid.
Tomoya, Ryota, and Toru had already taken a chair, but Taka was nowhere to be seen.

"Where's Taka-kun?" Riko asked puzzled to the others and they all shrugged before Toru said,
"He's with Haruna." 
"Haruna?" I asked, and Toru nodded.
"Who?" I asked again and Riko replied,
"His girlfriend."
"They've been together for some months, right brother?"
Ryota nodded
"Ah." I broke in. 
They all looked at me with one eyebrow raised.
"I met her." 
Ryota raised his eyebrows and asked fondly,
"They take the same route as me to school and I met her not far from home." 
They all nodded,
"I see." 
Riko clapped her hands together once again and told us to dig in and enjoy the food.
The walk home was long and quiet. My phone had died and it was already getting dark and chilly. I held onto my bag tightly and stepped up my pace. I had reached the street where I lived when I saw two figures under a streetlight. 
Thankfully, I'm not alone. I breathed out relieved. I looked at the figures getting closer and closer as I walked towards them, I soon realized who they were.
It was Taka and Haruna. They looked like they were talking about something important. 
Quiet as I could be, I walked over to the other side of the road and looked down at my feet so maybe they didn't notice.

When I came closer I could hear them speak and it sounded really heated.
I glanced up and that's when I saw Haruna got on her toes and kissed Taka on the lips. 
Taka stood still before he deepened the kiss and wrapped his arms around her waist.I felt my heart sunk which surprised me. 
Why did I feel like that? I held tightly on the end of my skirt as I paced faster past them to not get recognized.

I had arrived home and I exclaimed a hello to Takeru-kun and dad before heading to my room. 
Throwing the bag
on my chair, I changed out from my uniform and to a simple shirt and Adidas pants. It felt like I had this weird stomach ache and I didn't know what it was. I had sighed like 5 times since I got home and I still didn't get it why I was like this. It's not like I had a bad day or anything. But, the only thing that played inside my head was how Taka wrapped his arms around Haruna. I frowned at the thought and tried to shook the image out off my head.

Stop being ridiculous.

I yawned and which made me only think of sleep. I needed some sleep and if my brain got some rest, I might start to think about something that was more important.

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onionroot #1
Chapter 14: Really like this story. The style of writing is refreshing unlike most fics on this site and the language is pretty good except for a few errors. And most importantly, it seems that Taka and Toru always appear in front of the main character Aoi at the right moments, which is pretty good for the readers!
jxstbreathe #2
just about to start this but just wanna say im so excited. fighting author nim