UNCLEAR // Taka 'One Ok Rock'


Toru watched them disappear into the crowd before he turned back to me. 
The only thing that came to my mind was to bow and thank him, but he scratched the back of his neck, telling me to spare the thank you.

"Still, thank you for defending me." I smiled faintly at him and he nodded. 
After a moment of awkward silence, I decided to break the ice by complimenting them on the concert so far.
He laughed nervously, still scratching the back of his neck saying he was honestly really nervous. 
"I even felt like becoming nausea." he truthfully admitted and I laughed and told him he didn't have to worry. The audience loved them. 

"Well, I'll get going," I turned around and started to walk back. 
When I had walked a few steps I could hear Toru call me. I turned around and he walked quickly to me before cleared his throat as he tried to be as gentle as he could be by asking,

"If you're thankful for saving you from Taka's girlfriend, why not join me for a snack?" 

I opened my mouth, but couldn't get the words out. I looked at him, confused by his sudden request. He seemed to get it and just chuckled, looking away before he cleared his throat and without any warning, he grabbed my hand and said nervously, yet excited.
"Let's go,"

We didn't walk far since I assumed he only got 30 minute break. We got to this food stand where they sold anything from ramen to rice cake. I ordered something simple and so did he. We sat there in silence for a while before he decided to break it.
"It's delicious, right?" 
My mouth was full so I replied with a nod. Then it was quiet again. We both probably noticed it was becoming awkward. 
Toru then grabbed his phone and my heart sank, thinking he was going to ignore me. Instead, he lifted up his phone and then I heard a click. 
My eyes widened, still a mouth full of food. 
I quickly swallowed.
"What was that?" I coughed and he returned with laughing a little, before he showed me the picture of me, looking questionable on his with chubby cheeks full of food. 
I gasped and tried to grab the phone so I could delete it, but he dodged it before he laughed. A real and a genuine laughter. It wasn't like he was mocking me like I felt people did when they did something like this. It felt like he was with me instead of off me. 
I started to giggle nervously, pleading him to delete it.
"Okay, I will, just don't look cute again," he blurted out and he soon realized what he said. He looked at me shocked and tried to explain, but he just stuttered out words,

"Not like cute-cute! but like-. you know." he cleared his throat before he started to chuckle, knowing he sounded lame. 
But I thought otherwise. I was really flattered.

"Toru-kun," I said. His eyes caught mine and I already was blushing. 
"Toru-kun?" he asked before he smiled and said quietly,

"I like that,"
"Me too," I answered. 
We stood by the food stand a bit longer before I looked at my watch and figured I had to get home before my brother and dad would start worrying. 
Toru looked at his watch and saw he only got 10 minutes left of his break and apologized for not getting to walk me home,

"It's okay, it's not far," 
We waved goodbye and we split. I looked behind and I saw him looking behind too. He waved one last time and I happily waved back.

Toru-kun is kind.


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onionroot #1
Chapter 14: Really like this story. The style of writing is refreshing unlike most fics on this site and the language is pretty good except for a few errors. And most importantly, it seems that Taka and Toru always appear in front of the main character Aoi at the right moments, which is pretty good for the readers!
jxstbreathe #2
just about to start this but just wanna say im so excited. fighting author nim