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To you, who made me realize.

There’s a role for everyone we meet,

Beside the one that test, use, love, or teach me a slice of life,

There’s always one that bring out the best in me

The one that truly important

It’s rare and amazing, reminds me why it’s worth it


To you, my treasure.

The one that hiding behind the fragrance smell

The newly opened Freesia sheds

With the splash of gold from its delicate petals


To you, sorry

To you, thank you






Park Jieun (19)

Cheerful | Straightforward | Bestfriend with Taehyung


Park Jimin | Park Jieun Brother (21)

Cool | Popular | No.1 Basketball Player


Jeon Jungkook (20)

Popular | Quiet | Doesn't like attention


Kim Taehyung (21)

Smart | Prankster | Popular


BTS | Popular Campus Basketball Team





Hello this is Jihye, and I'm not Pro at writing fanfic

and so sorry if there's any mistake, but still I hope you like it ^^

Oh! .. there will be other idol appearance, come and go.


Do not Plagiarize, I work really hard for this,

Please upvote if you like it ^^


Notes: The character in the story doesn't use their actual age, for the storyline purpose


Thank you for reading this lame BTS fanfic! Please give me your thought of the story ^^

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[deactivated] #1
Chapter 3: JiminxJieun is truly siblings' goals! I'm an only child so I wish to get a Brother. Jimin is protective from Tae's hug to Jieun but still true his Friend to be with her because he knows she is close to him! I Guess Jungkook is just not ready to open to Jieun. Maybe just need some time as he isn't that good at expressing.
Chapter 3: ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Chapter 1: This story is really really good! Is this your first story? If it is, you're already up for a fresh start, this is awesome :)))
<3 Love it
[deactivated] #4
Chapter 2: I'm living for JImin X Jieun's sibling goals! And this chapter is making me fall for Taehyung X Jieun's friengship goals! Just wonder how will it be in real life.
Chapter 1: Interesting!
After so much considerations, I decided to go with my first draft of the story, so there's some change in the first chapter, for anyone who already read it, please re-read it, of course if you want to, and tell me if there's anything that effect you as a reader about the new editing. And the last, thank you so much for everyone who spends some of their time to read this lame fanfic, have a great day ^^

Hi, new reader here ^^
Your description does look impressive here, as we don't know to whom those messages are. It gives us the feel of mystery and raises our curiosity. I'll be looking forward to read the chapter!
[deactivated] #8
Chapter 1: Read the chapter well!(:
Can’t wait to read more of these slice of life moments.
Kind of reminded my school life. Though I’m in Uni but it’s slightly different to the earlier years.. wished I have a feeling of having a sibling. Jelly Mochi is siblings goals! And a Friend who can be partners in crime. I find it hard to get close to people no matter how hard I try): lastly, happy new year!!
you're very2 talented