Take You Back


And it is clear that I can't let him go. I need to take him back and I'll do everything to take him back.


This is my second fic. It's still not that good though but I hope you all would enjoy it. :)

If you have any suggestions and comments please don't hesitate to drop by the comment section. Each and every comment is very much appreciated.

Thank you :*


Here's the link to my first fic. Hope you can also enjoy this one :)



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Huhuhu such a qts
Chapter 1: Awww it's really good~
But too short, I hope you make another chap/fic.
I love your ff ❤

And I love that TaedongXMinki and jealous Bugi parts~ ヽ(´▽`)/
kath0621 #3
Asan Mj??bkit completed agad??haha