Don't Lie (You Are an Angel)

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He then watches in what feels like an out of body experience as Yoongi sips the drink. Where his mouth had been less than 5 minutes ago. Jimin feels like he’s going to faint from the scream he’s holding in.

“Consider yourself paid.” Yoongi hums as he takes another sip and Jimin wants to cry.

Min Yoongi is going to be the death of him.


[or "bus au in which yoongi and jimin catch the same bus every day, but one day jimin is 20 cents short for a ticket"]


The completed fic can be found on ao3 and is;

My gift for realish as part of yoonminholiday’s Yoonmin Holiday Fic Exchange 2017! 

(Check out all the 60+ yoonmin fics!! They’re all amazing!!)

[I will be posting the fic here in parts for everyone here as well! I hope you enjoy!]

Happy Holidays!! 

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Chapter 13: Oh such a wonderful story. Yes, Yes to more on them here or another. Thank you for sharing this sweet story.
24 streak #2
Chapter 13: Oh my gosh yes I would definitely read the next story if you continued. In fact I reckon I would read it over and over again just like I'm going to do with this one :D
Also it would come down to how much plot you have I guess, if you had enough for a whole new story then create a new work? IDK but that's up to you
But thank you for writing this fluffy story <33
hiltzailea #3
Chapter 13: i thought it would be an explanation about taehyung and jimin's brotherhood? anyways the story is so cute where i love to read it again.. no dramas, just a happy holidays indeed :)
Chapter 13: OMG YES I WOULD TOTALLY READ IT! (Sorry for being a silent reader here huhu but this story is great omg omg) and idk i think posting it as a new story would be good?? (Altho posting it here is okay too?) im sorry for not helping :(
Its an amazing story and I love it
It would be great to get to know Chim's past
hiltzailea #6
Chapter 12: second to the last chapter? ow.. it makes me sad.. but happy cause i kniw you authornim is orking for another work of art :) :) <3
Chapter 12: Omg I just read all the chapters that I couldn't T^T and thIS IS SO CUTE OMG I LOVE THIS
Also, Jimin himself is a mood lmao
Can't believe this js the last chapter T^T.. I love your writing style seriously
Chapter 11: Ohmagosh Mrs. Kim lol. When are they gonna actually get together???? I can't wait for Yoona's reaction.
Quietfangirl #9
only found this today and I need moreeee hahaha. You’re story is sooo cute and sweet and I love it. I like how the love ifsvery soft and I can’t wait for the next chapters. But then i found the full ver. and i feel so warm ^_^ Happy New Year :) This is really awesome
Myhaloslipped #10
Chapter 8: It brings a smile to my face, I hope you update again soon