BTS are taking over MTV's show MADE to help a lucky girl in her late twenties in her pursuit of love.


This story is gonne be about your typical 'boy A try to help girl get boy B but end up falling in love with her'. The boy A is from BTS, the boy B MIGHT be also from BTS *^__^* 

I hope you read it and give your honest opinions!!

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vanessanesangtae #1
Love your story it's different but good different :3. can't wait for the next update :).
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Chapter 9: Awww they are so cute and caring :) I am glad Listel is mostly ok and thank you for uploading another chapter <3
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Chapter 8: Haha first I want to play twister with theeem hahah And second Listel is amazing! But I think she hit a wrong guy haha Can't wait dor another chapter :)
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Chapter 7: So, so cute! And I don't think Listel loves the girl, I just think she decided to help that girl in her own way :D Can't wait for another chapter. I am seriously obsessed with this story :D
P.S. Wish you a happy new year and more good stories like this in future <3
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Chapter 6: love it and message too :)
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Chapter 5: omo they are all so realistic!I love this story so much!Can't wait for new chapter :)
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Chapter 4: I love it so much! you are doing great job ??
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Chapter 3: Ok,this is literally my favorite story here :) This interview feels so real.It is like I almost hearing them talking that way.Especially Jin and that part about her clothes.You are amazing writer!Can't wait for new chapter :)
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Chapter 2: I like this story so much! Can't wait for new chapter :D
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I can't stop laughing!This is an amazing story! I wish I am at her place....