Have you ever felt like running away from reality? Well, Peachville is certainly a place for you. Here, we welcome all types of peaches from their sizes to their colors to join us. We are a closed nonau twitter based rp, established on the 26th december 2017. Peachville offers weekly events and even game nights! and on top of that, feel free to host your own game. So what are you waiting for? Come and join us for the some fun!

001. Suscribe! upvote is optional but appreciated. 002. This is a closed RP. Avoid talking to outsiders. Retweeting tweets from fanacc is allowed but know your limit. 003. One acc per nose and no, we don’t mean the holes, mmmkay?
004.  TL is unrated. However, refrain from speaking of any triggering topics. No drama. Keep all of those NSFW stuff in dm. Occ talk is fine but please put brackets if so. And most importantly, do not speak of other rps or fl on TL. It’s offensive to us. 005. People tend to ignore this but please talk to everyone! Also, welcome newcomers! pw: who do you think is the peachiest among the admins? 006. Be active! 3 days of inactivity leads to an immediate kickout! and you must reach at least 60 tweets within 48 hours of arrival. 007. cc and tcc are unlimited but don’t over use it! Tcc lasts for 3 days. 008. dm base or admins if leaving, in a relationship, cc/tcc, etc. 009. Love whoever you want but you have to reach 300 tweets and 3 days after arrival. This does not apply to move in couples. 010. have fun!

001. Read the rules and check masterlist to see if your desired character is available. 002. Comment below with your fc, group, timezone and the password. 003. Wait for our approval before making your acc. When you are done, follow base and the admins first before mentioning base. You are welcome to recycle an acc, just clean your f/f and tweets. 004. Your username should be @pcvidol or @idolpcv, in lowercase.

Joshua     Taehyung     Sana     Jennie

220118: Secret Admirer!
030218: Event page unlocked!
000000: Coming soon!
000000: Coming soon!

Blackpink. Jennie. Rosé
BlockB. Taeil.
BTS. Taehyung. Yoongi. Jungguk. Hoseok. Jimin.
Doberman Infinity. Sway.
EXO. Sehun. Chanyeol. Baekhyun.
Ikon. Jinhwan.
JBJ. Hyunbin.
Infinite. Woohyun.
Loona. Yves. Gowon. Heejin07
NCT. Doyoung. Renjun.
Others. Somi. Myeongji. Christian yu.
Pristin. Kyulkyung.
Red Velvet. Irene. Joy. Yeri.
Seventeen. Joshua. Dino. Seungkwan. Jeonghan. Jun. Woozi. Vernon. Hoshi.
Stray Kids. Minho. Changbin.
Twice. Sana. Naeyeon.
Wanna One. Daniel. Seongwoo. Jihoon. Guanlin.

Base. wishes for you.
Sana. wishes for twice, exo, seventeen, rv, tao, lots of active people and more jyp fam.
Minho. wishes for Wanna One.
Taehyung. wishes for bts, sunmi, iu, gfriend, seventeen, twice, rv, bp and more peach bums.
Joshua. wishes for Seventeen, Pristin, baby Samuel, Big Star and more peaches.
Jennie. wishes for Astro (esp. moonbin and eunwoo), complete pristin family, and a boyfriend.
Changbin. wishes for Seventeen (esp. Hoshi)
Jungguk. wishes for a kwon hyunbin to fight with, a mark lee to spoil and a donghae and sunmi to worship.
Doyoung. wishes for nct and exo.
Rose. wishes for bp members, christian yu, and more peach bubbles.
Sehun. wishes for exo and smtown family.
Jeonghan. wishes for cnblue's yonghwa.

Minho x Changbin (dating since 251217)
Joohyun x Yoongi (dating since 110117)
Sehun x Jennie (dating since 220117)
Baekhyun x Chanyeol (engaged since 291017)


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Chunghalove #1
Soloist sunmi
Hm sana
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AyeeChannniey #3
jbj's kwon hyunbin
XiaRoyale13 #4
svt vernon
gmt +10
all of them but most importantly sana
MaryKay #5
svt’s hoshi
gmt +8
+all of them!
hazyheizey #6
christian yu / solo? other? dpr live?
gmt -5
kimvchi #7
svt's woozi
-7 + all of them!
loona's heejin, please.
+8, jennie
idyllistoic #9
bp's jisoo
+1 and jennie -.-
joncozart #10
svt's jun
+8, sana