He intrigues me.

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Irene is a straight A student with perfect attendance. She studies more than she talks and she has more certificates and awards than any normal 18 year old should ever have. She also has two parents that work full time but always provide the best for their perfect daughter and she is the Teacher's pet. 

Her parents are proud of her and even love her well-behaved boy-friend that always gives her time and space when she needs to study and supports her goals of going to a prestigous university overseas. 

Every thing is going perfect for Irene BUT her world is shaken when she meets Taehyung, a boy that doesn't care about school, college or even where he lives, a boy that, constantly disagrees with her and even opens her eyes in a way no-one else ever could.

No-one she is close to would ever accept her spending time with a guy like that and she too has never considered it, but after their first meeting she can't get him out of her mind. 

Will she ruin her perfect life to get to know this guy or will she shun him to keep her family, her teachers and her friends happy? 

Read to find out.


"Irene, did you do it?"

Irene looked up at her Mother with big eyes and smiled.

"I am so proud of you honey".

Irene and her Mother hugged. "Do you think I'll get in, Mum?"

"Of course, you are my Daughter, you will get accepted by every one of those colleges!"

"Okay, thanks Mum".

"Go and call Sehun and tell him, he is such a lovely boy, he has been super supportive of you, honey".

"Yeah, he has" replied Irene as she looked down.

"Are you okay honey?"

"Yeah, it's just, Sehun's busy with tutoring today so, I'll call him tonight".

"Oh, who does he tutor?"

"A couple of the boys in the lower grades, he tutors them for Maths".

"What a clever boy".

"I know Mum, you love him, I get it".

"Your Father has to fly out to Sydney Australia tomorrow to give a speech or lecture or what ever they call it to a high school over there".

"Oh, really?"

"Yep, did you want to go?"

"No Mum, I still have school".

"Yeah, I know, but those high school students could really use some one like you to look up to, just say a few words about how perfect you are and they will all go home and put your picture on their walls".


"Okay, okay, I'll stop with the compliments but tonight when your Father gets home, I want us three to have a nice dinner together, okay?"

"Okay Mum".

"Go and get changed out of your uniform and get ready".

"Alright Mum, see you in a bit".

Irene ran up stairs and when she got into her room she shut the door behind her and slid her back on the door downwards until she was sitting with her chin on her knees.

"This is only the beginning and yet I feel so over-worked, I hope I continue to do well so that my parents will always be proud of me".

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revelarmyl #1
Chapter 14: damn sehun's mom is so nic eawww and poor yeri :(( ... taehyung and irene tho ..
baeck92 #2
Chapter 14: woah~ things been going pretty well for tae and irene tho. and now how tae gonna tell yeri about that :( glad sehun's mom is so nice to yeri ❤️ can't wait for the next chapter authornim!
SongSongLuv 1 points #3
Chapter 14: How to lose a guy in 10 days is the best movie ever~ That's nice of Joohyuns' father to get Taehyung a job as a model I can totally see that, But now he can't break up with Yeri and he told Joohyun he would :( wonder what'll happen next !!
Bedour 1 points #4
Chapter 14: Where r u going tae?! Go back and finish what u left Irene to do!! After all u already fixed yeri’s problem now fix urs jeeez *pout* xp
1 points #5
Chapter 12: Please TaeTae let Irene in, please! Aaaaaa I cried, this was so intense! Irene just want you, Tae, please let her in! Like right now!

Keep writing authornim, I really love this <3
revelarmyl 1 points #6
Chapter 12: I just wish irene could have said she would help tae love himself
SongSongLuv #7
Chapter 12: Taehyung needs to open up or he'll lose her forever :(
Bedour #8
Chapter 12: Oh gosh nalliya!! ;O.o; Seriously Irene give him some slack! I understand y bae said what she said but it’s all the more y she should help him love himself and gain confidence!! If she hears him out properly w/o anger then maybe she can let him secretly go to NY where both can b together achieving their dreams w/o her mom noticing!!!
I srsly hope she looks at it from another perspective (cuz she will go to college and keep growing so what about him???!!!) doesn’t take that away from him cuz everyone deserves to feel important and have a purpose in life... come on taehyung convince her fightingggg
Authornim this is too addicting so have mercy on us and update soooon (*>/\<*)❤️
Nhung59 #9
Chapter 11: AUTHORNIM ~ please give us another chapter ASAP
Nhung59 #10
Chapter 11: Spill the beans taehyung!!