of theme parks, chocolate ice creams, a puppy and oh! you found a crush


Luhan is forced to take his nephews to the theme park

and he hates it

(Kid!Yoonmin, KId!kaisoo, hunhan, sulay, Taeyeon x Hoseok, mentions about namjin and xiuchen)


Hello everyone, I’m a rookie author in aff and English is not my native language. I really really really want to improve my English language skills so I hope you guys would be kind enough to read my story and point out my mistakes.

My grammar is all over the place. be patient with me.

Point out any mistake you see whether it’s grammar, spellings or plot. I’m always open to all types of criticisms (that’s a lie please don’t be too harsh)

I would be happy to see even a single reader enjoying my works

warning : huge amount of using word “fuc*”, Implied mpreg, teen parents, irresponsible parents.

Not very otp centric..There’s like.. very little otp moments and fluff

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XiaoShixun #1
Chapter 1: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA poor luhan amd sehun
LaonaGrouchini #2
No problem :) Gonna start reading
Chapter 2: I love u ..~♥~~♥~~♥~
anchovy0504 #4
So cuteeee i just cant stop smiling
Chapter 1: Omgggg U SHIP YOONMIN I LOVE YOU. Literally ALL my favourite ships are here, and uwaaaaaa Jonginnie is tooooo cute thinking Jimin was a puppy. I mean he is lmaooo but stillll omgggg.
Mydeluluworld #6
Chapter 1: I like this story. You should write more
41 streak #7
Chapter 1: You added all of my fav otps Hunhan, Kaisoo, Yoonmin, Namjin, Xiuchen and Sulay and this is so funny and cute . I'm gonna read it again in the future for sure ~
Chefxxdonuts #8
Chapter 1: Those kids are so adorable... Good job authornim ^^
Coolgviolet #9
Chapter 1: this was so cute, this made a depressed girl happy