Peter Pan

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Park Chanyeol had everything.
Loving parents, a group of friends that treated him well, and a best friend who cherished him and taught him to cherish as well.
If anyone had told him just how much she meant to him, he would have heeded their words and treated her differently.


Chanyeol x OC one-shot.
Genre: fluff, romance, slight angst
Word count: 4192
Author's Note:
Okay so, Chanyeol's birthday is coming in a few days and I just cannot wait to have this up.
I haven't started on his oneshot yet though oops lmao.
[Edited 18/3/23]
Hello loves! If you've been subcribed to this story since 2017, please accept my sincerest apologies for letting this (and some of my other stories) fall through my thoughts.
Life has been busy and I couldn't keep my promises for my AFF fics.
However, as I recently combed through my list of drafts in my laptop, I realized that these plots and stories would go to waste if I just deleted them, thus I'm slowly editing my drafts and proofreading them before I upload them in AFF.
Thank you to everyone who have stayed subscribed to this story.
As part of my exo birthday dedication series, I know it is not anywhere close to Chanyeol's birthday.
However, this is my gift to all of you. I hope you enjoy them all the same.
If you're a subscriber of my Yixing oneshot, then just to let you in on a little secret, I'm already working on the last scene for it, so be ready!!! Hehe
I've been trying to think of different storylines to play with, but I keep coming back to the bestfriend!au, especially since its Chanyeol (and I always wished I had a friend who's as talented and precious as him).
As always, in my previous dedication oneshots, you guys know what's up!
Otherwise, then this is going to be similar to my Love You Right (SehunxOC), Lucky (BaekhyunxOC), What U Do (ChenxOC) and Cloud 9 (LayxOC) stories.
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Love, M.
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