“What is it about me having long hair?”


long-haired (?) minho x taemin, About 1k words

excuse lame title orz


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Chapter 1: Aww so cute~~~ but i like taemin with long hair better than minho... but that's just my preference... i still like this oneshot... =)
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Chapter 1: omgg so cuuuuuuuuuuute >//////////<
you have no idea how much I LOVED Minho's long hair in Hwarang and I want it back and I want it silver and and aaand I want him to wear hazel lesn with it, he will look like "Kurama" aaaaaah
okay now Taeminnie is so cute with the braiding I would really love to see him doing it to Minho in real life.
Thank you sooo much for this lovely shot <3 <3 <3 it warm my heart
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Chapter 1: Sigh..
This story just made me feel so pathetic.. T_T
Really, the opposite.
No boyfriend, and having a short, really short hair :D
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Chapter 1: All the cuteness in this has killed me (*~▽~)