Destined to Love You

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At first I thought that the universe played some bad joke on me, maybe punishing me for something I did in my past life, but what if this is not a punishment; what if fate simply draws every ace up its sleeve to bring us together? What if we're each other's destiny?

So, according to the plan this story is almost finished! :D Oh and if anyone is interested, I'm planning on writing another Yoonmin Ff, but this time a more angsty one :)

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Crispy48 #1
Dear author-nim, any more, to read your story and having such a good and funny time while reading and the fact you're my daughter and this is your first story I just wanted to say I'm so, so proud of you because you did a really good job!!! I love you more than you can imagine. Kiss ya. <3 <3 <3
Crispy48 #2
Chapter 6: Dear author-nim, I found the way Yoonminfancied one another so cute :D and Yoonji being the reason Taehyung and Jungkook are talking again is really nice, it must mean much to Jimin. And when Jimin woke Yoonji and she sat on him, not wanting to move away was so funny and sweet :D good work! I like it that much. Looking forward to read the next chapter.
Crispy48 #3
By the way, I like the switch of POVs it's a good way to shine a light on the intimate thoughts of Jimin. Like that much.
Crispy48 #4
Dear author-nim, I really love the way you let talk Yoonji in souch a lazy and smoothy way with the others, it'so funny and I could really imagine that. I'm looking forward to read the next chapter what I'm going to do imediatly.
Crispy48 #5
Chapter 4: Dear author-nim, i had so much fun reading this chapter, I really could feel my way into the different situations and events, it was so funny and well-written. I really enjoyed it and laughed nonstop :D Great job!
Chapter 7: min yoongi and min yoonji bickered was the best thing that I ever seen. That was good to see that side of yoongi still in yoonji.
Chapter 6: that was very cute!!><
Chapter 5: why jimin didn't ask her out immediately???
Chapter 4: This story is really cute!!!!! ><
Crispy48 #10
Chapter 3: By the way, nice conversation at the end, It was fun to read.