Unexpected Returns

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This is a story of what happens when a woman who has too little time for frivolous dating meets someone who is intent on finding the right person for her. AU.


This will not be a fic that's completed in a short time, if you come along for the ride, thank you!

Disclaimer: I do not own anything.

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cjmoo_ 206 streak #1
Chapter 3: Ahahah, that twist at the end! Didn't see that coming, but I should have expected that since Byul knows what she's doing.
Happy new year to you!
87 streak #2
Chapter 3: This is a nicely paced story ... with a different concept right off the bat. A seemingly straight Solar and a yet-unknown Byul-yi.

Makes for great reading, so far. I'm looking forward to what you have in store for us.

Thanks very much.
Chapter 3: Aaaahhh i love this! The plot is so interesting and i wonder how moonsun will happen with Yong’s personality is tough like that XD
Thank tou for updating!
baesato #4
Chapter 3: wow sly byul is my favorite byul!!!

i was not expecting that twist but man that was great and really funny too :)

and solar seems to want a servant more than a husband :/ poor thing she must be really lonely

i can't wait to know what else you have planned for this story!!

great story and happy holidays! :D
15 streak #5
Chapter 3: looking forward to next update~~
Chapter 3: Woah... Can't wait to see more! This is interesting :)
lolfeathers #7
Chapter 3: Interesting! Really enjoying your story!
Chapter 3: Omg it has a really interesting and good subject ^^please update soon
Chapter 3: I really love what your story is about I hope you continue updating soon.
cjmoo_ 206 streak #10
Chapter 2: Wow... I'm looking forward to reading more.
This is really good.
Yongsun's unfortunate to have experienced something like that in her life.