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It was half an hour into his photo shoot when Taehyung was starting to get bored.


They were currently taking a break although members of staff were still working on carrying and adjusting certain background props in preparation for the next round of the photo shoot. Taehyung was stood off at the side letting the stylists fix up his makeup and hair as he watched different staff members pace around him attending to their own jobs within the set.


After the stylist was satisfied with the end result, Taehyung had almost bolted straight towards the refreshment table settled at the corner of the studio. He had his eyes locked on it the very first moment he stepped foot into the studio, Taehyung carefully weaved himself around the workers, dark eyes immediately scanning the contents laid out in front of him.


He got himself started picking up a slice of apple besides the drinks. Taehyung munched into the slice now wondering where Seokjin had gone off too. Snatching an empty paper plate he quickly filled it up with any kind of snacks that were in his range; Taehyung initially thought that the other would be hanging around the refreshment table as he always did whenever he had his photo shoot.


Plopping one last apple slice into his mouth the actor searched the area for the familiar mop headed brunette; Hoseok had recommended the hair style for the other whilst in the salon together. It didn't take very long to find Seokjin, the back of his managers wide shoulders were seen from afar as he talked animatedly to the person in front of him.


“There honestly should be more New York style cheesecake slices I still can’t believe that they've run out already.” Seokjin grumbled crossing his arms.


“Well, I’m not the one who’s in charge of the food hyung.”


Taehyung arrived in time dropping his arm around Seokjin’s shoulder, “Oh Yoongi hyung didn't see you there. Wait – I didn't mean it like that hyung really ha-ha.”


Yoongi glared at him playfully, “Anyways it’s always good to see you too Kim Taehyung.”


Aww don’t be like that hyung.” Purposely jutting out hit bottom lip in an attempt to look sorry. He knew Yoongi wasn't even that mad at him.


Seokjin plucked a grape from Taehyung’s plate, “Can’t you order more? We still have around two hours left.”


Yoongi sighed. “You do realize that there are other snacks available apart from cheesecake.”


“But I've been specifically craving New York cheesecake all week.”


Taehyung leaned into his managers side listening to the duo go back and forth. Yoongi and Seokjin had always been close friends; it was no surprise at all since the two had practically known each other since high school until now. They were even roommates sharing the same apartment for a while, though Seokjin now currently lives with Taehyung.


Yoongi continued on talking about his upcoming projects and the people he’d be working with soon since he was a creative director in photography. It was thanks to Yoongi that he had Seokjin as his manager; he referred the eldest to him when he’d first moved into Seoul.


Taehyung picked a wafer biscuit off the plate holding it in front of Seokjin's mouth; he watched the wafer biscuit disappear bit by bit past the soft pink lips. Without hesitation Taehyung’s thumb brushed across the plump lip removing any remaining crumbs before tasting it himself.

Yoongi groaned at the disgustingly domestic sight in front of him, he was never gonna get used to it. “If you keep that up everyone will start to realise that you’re both actually are dating.”


The arm around Seokjin’s shoulder dropped down to wrap around the narrow waist instead. “Good. I want them to know anyway.”


Seokjin lightly smacked Taehyung’s chest with a glare, only a handful of people that they trusted knew they were dating. And he preferred on keeping it that way, far from any nosy gossipers around them. Taehyung cheekily grins back unfazed by the glare.


“Ah, that reminds me will both of you be free this Friday? It seems like it’s the only day where both Namjoon and Jungkook are free.” Yoongi mumbled glancing at his watch; their break should be ending soon.


Seokjin hummed mentally going over the schedule, “I’d have to check and get back to you since Tae still has his promotional activities going on throughout this week for his drama.”


“That’s alright with me, by the way have you checked the previews for your photos yet? They’re all looking good so far.”


Taehyung followed Yoongi back to the center of the studio where the large monitors and camera equipment where laid out whilst keeping Seokjin close to him until the end of break.




The photo shoot ended up finishing faster than he originally thought. Straight after the session was done he’d thanked the staff members and said his goodbyes to Yoongi and everyone else. Thankfully the journey from their current place to the fan meeting was only twenty minutes away by car.


Taehyung was finally seated in the hall after interacting with his fans by answering some of their questions about himself and the upcoming drama he was starring in, he even played a couple of fun games he had planned out with the staff and Seokjin beforehand.


He smiled earnestly at the fan in front him listening to her anticipate the long awaited drama. “Thank you for supporting me even until now it really means a lot to me, I hope you’ll enjoy the drama as much as I did.”


"Of course I will, also oppa?" Taehyung looks up after sliding the signed poster over, she blushes slightly as he gives her his full attention.


"Don't you think that Seokjin oppa has gotten really handsome lately?" Seokjin stood at the other end of the stage engaged in a conversation with one of the staff members in charge of the venue, a sudden shout of his name from the crowd seizes his attention. Seokjin looks into the crowd blowing a kiss to the fan that called him out before laughing to himself at the reaction he'd caused.


"Hyung has always been super handsome. There's no end to how handsome he can get, he's like a Pokémon that'll continue to evolve being even better than before!"


She laughed sincerely at the response she'd gotten, "Seokjin oppa's visuals are really no joke."


"Want to see how super effective his powers are?"


"Powers?" Taehyung nods with his signature grin "Watch this" He almost instantly whips his head towards Seokjin's direction staring intently for a moment.


The fan was startled at the action, her eyes darting between Taehyung and Seokjin. Once Seokjin was finally alone he looked over to the opposite direction only to find Taehyung peering at him with a vacant expression.


The actor brought the tips of his fingers against his mouth before dramatically puckering his lips as he shoots a kiss at his target. Seokjin catches the kiss in his fist pressing it against his heart. He bent over slightly while clutching his chest for a second until springing back up shooting two finger hearts straight back at Taehyung.


The crowd erupted in screams sending the eldest into a fit of embarrassed squeaky laughter all while trying to hide himself behind the nearest person close to him. Taehyung was also in a similar position, eyes turned crescent desperately trying to hold back his laughter only to end up failing. His mouth shaped in a full blown rectangle showing off his perfect white teeth.


Reeling back from his mini laughter break down he spotted a brown shaped rilakkuma sticky note was that was attached to the corner of the poster. He picked up his marker uncapping the pen again with a wide smile as he wrote his answer down on the note. Taehyung held hands with her one last time thanking her once again for coming and supporting him before she went away, he shuffled in his seat getting himself comfortable before welcoming the next fan with a bright smile and wave.




"I thought it won’t be coming out until next month."


"That's what I thought but Jungkook said its next week Tuesday, do you wanna watch it? We can catch one of the late ones showing if you want"


Taehyung moved closer adjusting his arm, "I only have a radio interview that day right?"


"Yeah and that's around 3 I think, so we should be fine. We can even grab dinner at that new restaurant that opened up around the radio station after; I heard the dumplings are really tasty"


"Sounds perfect."


Seokjin hums in agreement tucking himself against Taehyung's chest. They've both been tangled on the couch since they've started binging one of their favourite shows (It was Taehyung's turn this week) which they must've started around 9.


Rescuing his phone from under the pillow he was blinded by the glaring screen telling him that it was running close to 2 in the morning, he shoved the phone back under draping his arm across Seokjin’s waist. Fingers playing with the end of the old loose sweater that used to be his.


The TV’s light within the living room painted across them both, although Taehyung's back had blocked out most of the light some had managed to escape casting over the top of Seokjin's head. His raven hair was splayed out against the pillow tickling Taehyung's chin every time he moved.


His eyes slowly fell shut listening to Seokjin's even breathing singing him to sleep, with their legs tangled together Taehyung knew that they'd both eventually end up spending the rest of the night sleeping on the sofa despite knowing full well of the back and neck pain that'll arrive the very next day.


"Hey, Tae." He hummed not making any effort to open his eyes.


"Tae look at this – Tae!!"


"I wanna sleep hyung" Tugging Seokjin even closer until their chests were pressed against each other he'd even thrown his leg over Seokjin's hips clinging to him like a koala. Being held hostage with no freedom of movement Seokjin reached up peppering kisses on every area of exposed skin he could reach coaxing Taehyung to finally give in.


"Okay, fine what is it? Is it from the group chat again?”


"Nope." A phone appeared in front of him showing him a tweet of a familiar bear shaped sticky note. In a neat handwriting the title read; 'What's Seokjin oppa to you?' the list of choices were colleague, manager, friend and brother which were all ticked out at however at the end of the list was Taehyung's own handwriting underneath.


'He's the sun to my moon'


"The sun to your moon?" It took a lot for Taehyung to stop himself from grinning trying to keep up his blank mask. "Because you're light of my life."


"That’s so sweet...because I think you're pretty space-cial too."


"Hyung" He already knew where this was going yet he wasn't gonna stop Seokjin at all. Not when Seokjin was practically beaming at him right now.


"Hey, what do planets like to read?"


"No idea, what do they like to read?"


"they read...comet books!" Taehyung did nothing but watch Seokjin flush red letting his squeaky laughter fill up the entire room. His face slowly mirrored the others as they started laughing in sync, arms wrapped around each other and fingers clutched into their clothes.


"Was this when you blew me a kiss earlier in today’s fan meeting?" He brushed back some of Taehyung's fringe. Tucking it behind his ears, he really needed to trim it soon.


"Yeah I had to show off how super effective your powers are."


Seokjin was lost. "Super powers?"


"You're handsomeness of course!" He couldn't help but pinch Taehyung’s cheeks, just when he thought Taehyung couldn't get any cuter than he already was. "Are my visuals the only power I have?"


"Of course not." Taehyung slid down so they were now face to face. "Besides that you have this ability to charm everyone you meet. Regardless of whom the other person might be because they'll realise that you're the living epitome of the word noble. You're strong, brave, kind and unbelievably selfless. You can even bring the strongest deity out there down to their knees just by breathing."


Seokjin was left in awe. Even the way Taehyung was looking at him right now was full of genuine love and wonder. Even after all this time, after all the people out there who were everything that he wasn't.


Taehyung had chosen him.


He could practically feel the overwhelming love radiating out of Taehyung like a furnace. Seokjin almost believed that he was dreaming for a second. Breaking eye contact he ducked his head focusing on Taehyung's thin grey top instead, well aware of the actor watching him with that rectangular grin of his. "Do you really think you can out compliment me Kim Taehyung?"


"I know that I'm winning so far by the way how red your ears and neck is right now."


He burrowed his smile into the chest in front of him, breathing in Taehyung's cologne that he'd bought for him last month. "Well then to me your ability is Keen Eye."


"Keen Eye? What’s that supposed to mean."


"Nothing escapes you. You're surprisingly accurate with almost everything you do, even when you're under pressure you get everything done and when you do you complete it effortlessly. You're very observant and you play close attention to everything and everyone around you. Especially when you pick up little details bringing them up when I least expect it." He pulled himself back a little draping his arm across Taehyung's waist. "Like a couple of months ago – when you returned from filming overseas for a week, and brought those massive beige hoodies. You even bought yourself one too. When I asked you about them you said that I didn't have many since they were all pretty worn out. Honestly, I had completely forgotten about buying more since we don't have that much free time. Even if it's something as minor as that, which might seem like nothing to you it actually means a lot to me."


"Ah Hyung, why are you so cute?!" Throwing himself over Seokjin, Taehyung brought him in for a bear hug squeezing his hyung with all he had. Seokjin laughed patting Taehyung on the back as he eased the hug a bit.


"I know I'm adorable but please don't squeeze me so hard."


"Alright." He left a kiss against Seokjin's forehead right before nuzzling into the crook of his neck. The eldest of the two spoke about how Taehyung was practically like an overgrown puppy. From there the duo laid in a tangle of limbs talking about what type of dogs they thought the other would be and also what kind of dogs their friends would be too.


The soft laughter and hushed voices drowned out their surroundings. They continued talking into the early dawn, no longer keeping track of time just focused solely on each other until Seokjin fell asleep first. Taehyung stayed awake a little while longer watching the other before his eyes fell shut for the last time.


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