When A Stranger Kisses You

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People say that, a true love's kiss can solve everything. 


But what if, 

it's not your true love's kiss that solved your problems? 


What if, 

you don't even know the person who kissed you? 


It may sound like a fairy tale. 


But this is, the total opposite of a fairy tale. 



This story is from Soshified, I'm not the one who write this story and I only add some minor ammendment. I've ask the permission from the author of this original story to change the character of this story and post it in here.

This is originally Yulsic fanfic, and I change it to Satzu to be the main character.

I want to say thank you to the Keywon author-nim who give me the permission to change the character of the original story and post it in here. 

So I hope there is no problem to post this fanfic in here. 

The sequel "The Lover Archetype" is out now!!!

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isl00171 #1
Chapter 1: This looks very good
14 streak #2
Chapter 52: Ahh ok it makes sense now. Yh I was confused about the interviews and SaTzu having a baby when Sana didn’t give birth in this story. Anyway I’ll read the sequel see you there :)
Guest0229 #3
Can i know the original story? Wanna read it too..
Morious #4
Chapter 52: YESSSS BABY!!!thank you author nim <333
Chapter 52: im waiting for it ≧ω≦
Chapter 52: omooooo thank you ao much nadya-shi ^^ can't wait for the sequel. goodluck! fighting!!!
164 streak #7
Chapter 52: (〜^∇^)〜(〜^∇^)〜(〜^∇^)〜
i'm dancing right now!!
Chapter 52: Yassssss!! I'm waiting for it, thank you author-nim
Chapter 52: Omg a sequel yassss
drecoxz12 #10
Chapter 52: Yasss sequel!