SOCIETY : affrp. — closed! ps. go check out CAMPSITE and LUMINESCENCE.


dun dun dun . . . the time has come! society is officially and indefinitely closed due to inactivity. sad faceu.


from here on out,
i encourage you to go and create your own affrp. try it out! see what it has to offer you and everyone else. it might not work out the first time or the second time but i guess you'll have to see.

good luck! i'll be supporting you always.

yours truly,


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thank you for everything! i love you all and always will <3 and especially you, ty. you've worked so hard and we appreciate you soso much. take care!
i will miss this place. sighs. please notify me if you are about to re-open again because i definitely save a spot for me.
thank you for the memories!

to other society mems, feel free to keep on messaging me!
You worked so hard . I was glad to be admin with you. Everyone was so friendly and nice .. most people on other platforms weren’t nice to me ..espcially twitter .
+ and everyone may pm me for contracts
d'aw no : < i'm going to miss this place very dearly. wipes my tears. but first of all, thanks for everything that you've done and putting the effort to make society a great platform! it has been a great journey and we're so proud of you for coming this far :')

+ shoutouts to everyone: please take care of yourself and wish you all the best of luck in the future. ♡
doyougn #5
thanks for all the hard work you've put into society, ty! we really appreciate everything you've done. :^)
i feel so emo
euijins #7
hi, may i take a hiatus until bext thursday? gotta settle into that school life. looks off.
roa is here!
may i cc to pristin's roa, please? thank you! <3