All for a Set of Book


Teacher Park had been eyeing Teacher Byun for a year already. His little crush on the said teacher had grown into something more than simple glimpses into wishing for hugs and kisses. Nothing but a sweet love story between teachers, but like every other stories out there, there is just one teeny tiny problem. Teacher Byun is straight. 


Or so Teacher Park had thought?




I cannot stop myself from writing this one shot because I have a thing for a Teacher Chanyeol and Teacher Baekhyun. Its because I have noticed, most of the guys in the education department swings that way or is it just on my university. Anyway enjoy this little breather.




I with descriptions so, forgive me if the description is nothing like the story. 

Also, this is just a short fic. 


I cannot guarantee you that the grammar and spellings are correct because I am from a multi-lingual country and english is not my main language so forgive me in advance and don't be shy to tell it to me so I can change it. 



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