If I Stay

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"It's a family though, even if it is broken." Yoongi turned to glance over at Jimin. There was a sincerity in his deep eyes that made his words more genuine. "You've created something similar to a mosaic. All of you have different backgrounds and histories that don't necessarily fit together; maybe even shouldn’t fit together, but with the right bonding agent they somehow do." Yoongi his side to face him, and hesitantly, he reached out to grab one of Jimin's hands to stop his fidgeting. "It's a mess, but it's inspirationally beautiful."




Author's Note:

Hi guys! Welcome to our newest fic "If I Stay"!

We are still in the middle of "Till Death Do Us Part", but about a week ago I had this incredible urge to do this story for Jimin, and thanks to the help of my co-writer, we've successfully put it into motion! If you've never seen the movie "If I Stay", I highly suggest watching it because it is such a good movie and I cry almost every time. The layout of this story is based on the movie, but we, of course, adjusted things and made it more of our own story than an exact copy of the original. The concept was extremely intriguing, and placing Yoonmin in that specific story setting just seemed like such a good idea. Therefore, our version of "If I Stay" was born! 

Fair warning, these chapters are going to be pretty long, but I hope you all enjoy it anyways! I'm looking forward to completing it with darlingjoon!

Happy reading, fam! 


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Chapter 10: ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
Chapter 9: *clapping and crying* BRAVO
Chapter 8: Omo, I’m dying, so beautiful...
Chapter 5: This story tears at my heartstrings! So good!
Chapter 4: *cries*
Chapter 3: This story makes me cry
JiminieChimChim #7
Chapter 4: I read the book and watched the movie prior to discovering this, so I had a feeling of how this would play out, but damn, I bawled reading this.
ellie_yemm 1 points #8
Chapter 4: Loving this!!!
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Chapter 3: I freaking love this!! The car accident got me on my toes.