Unexpected Switch

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Still knocked out from sleep, Jungkook stood in front the mirror to get a closer look at himself only to find Jin reflection staring back at him.



• I am terrible at descriptions and writing so be warned.


• Chapters would be about 500-700 words because I am a lazy author who wants to update every day or two. ;_;

I have the lasted chapter on Wattpad. I will transfer it soon to this site.

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83 streak #1
Wowww i didnt know this story is here too bc ive been following ur story on wattpad and i always waiting for ur new update there ^^
Chapter 8: Why did the update is so short T_T
Please make it longer for the next chapter Author nim ♡
And happy new year, wish 2018 is gonna be the best year for all of us!!!
pumpkinmunchikin 1 points #3
Chapter 4: New reader here. You should have place your author note before starting this chapter. I was really confused when I read it.
1 points #4
Chapter 5: VMinHope.???!!!!!!!
1 points #5
Chapter 5: Please make it more detail and longer, Author nim.
The idea of this story is so interesting ♥
1 points #6
Chapter 4: It is a good storyline but sometime I had to reread it because I kind of mixed up who played who (you know the switching thing)
Otherwise that I enjoyed my reading
Keep up the good works
1 points #7
Chapter 4: the story is good is kind confusing because they switch
-Chocolate- 1 points #8
Chapter 3: This is so great!!!!! I really love where this is going