Reverse Astronomy


Jongup continues to run his fingers through the tough, drying grass, seeking out the small buds of dying pansies to weave into a project that keeps his hands busy and his mind empty.
He leans his head back lethargically, tired hands pinching stems slowly, and carefully ducking soft blossoms under and out the other side of arcs. The wind still pushes at his form, trying to snatch the petals of the flowers away.


hello friends :)
this started out as kind of prose poetry and just took off... oops.

did a lot of research for this one... i hope you all enjoy xx

(i tried to make this as accurate as possible. i have had friends with similar disabilities, and am basing things mostly off of that, so if i made any mistakes please let me know!)

also i actually was able to edit this one so it's not just a rough draft like most of my other stuff on here lmao rip


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MeinAltire #1
Chapter 3: Thank you for the update...
Nice chapter, Daehyun is cute kekekkeke.
Woaaa youngjae is double major, Bet junghoong know that daehyun is interested toward jongup. He keep teasing daehyun kekkee.
Looking forward
Chapter 2: Yes, yes, yes, I WANT MOOORE.
crimsonsword248 #3
Chapter 2: im soft
Chapter 2: Oh this is beautiful, I'm in love with this
Chapter 2: Yes yes I need more *-* this is so cute
Chapter 2: Aww so cute. Plz update this more often, I also like gun control~
I would say I love to see more of every story but if I really have to choose, I honestly would love an update on Gun Control! I enjoy your writing to be honest <333
minkimonk23 #8
Chapter 2: I will wait for update if u dont mind ^^
shinzhou #9
I like the story line and i am curious about how the story would progress. It would be great if u would like to update!
MeinAltire #10
Chapter 2: Some progress here...indeed a crush dae kekkeeke...
Ah I love Urbs Equidem too, would be nice to see an update
Looking forward :)