01. WE ARE A CLOSED ROLEPLAY! *gasps* That means no talking or following people not from the rp. Not even official accounts. Sorry guys!

02. STRICTLY ONE ACCOUNT PER HEAD! (No boys, THAT head ain't included.)  No double accounting please. We trust you! *Disclaimer: Unless you're a hydra. Do inform us if you are! We'll do some quick arrangements for you.

03. OHANA MEANS FAMILY!  And family means no one gets left behind. We want everyone to get along well in our humble abode. Make sure to talk to everyone and welcome them with open arms. No selective replies. Keep the dramas somewhere else. Let's spread make love and not hate ok?

04. PARENTAL GUIDANCE!  TL is PG-15.Triggering topics are not allowed. Please be considerate to other people at all times. Tone down on the ual innuendos. No racial slurs. No excessive cursing. Keep the dirty deed in dms. Password: Your favourite kind of ramen?

05. #LOVEWINS! We absolutely love couples no matter what kind! But make sure you and your partner both reached 520 tweets and have been active for 5 days. Don't rush into relationships. We care and love you so we don't want your kokoro to be brokoro! Move-in couples should dm base!

06. NO UALIZING MINORS! We allow minors to date someone as long as they date no one above a 3-year age gap.

07. KEEP IC, IC. OOC IS OOC! Remeber to put brackets when talking ooc. Better yet, avoid it! If your face-claim is a 15 year old. We expect you to act like one! Do act like your fc's age to avoid slandering their image. 

08. WHO ARE YOU? (SCHOOL 2015)! Unlimited CC and TCC as usual. But please. Just please. Refrain from changing too much. Our admins are actually dumb. MIanhae mianhae hajima. (It's 2017 but we still have wanted Eunbi to end up with Taekwang)

09.  BE ACTIVE! 2 days of inactivity equates to a kickout. [NSYNC VOICE] BYE BYE BYE. Be informed that being in dms and lurking around is not considered being active.
We will consider the date you last tweeted! Newcomers need to reach 50 tweets in 24 hours!

10. COMMUNICATION IS KEY! All transactions such as asking to cc and unverifying and other stuff should be done by dm-ing base to make sure that we don't miss a thing because we don't want to miss you. hearts hearts. anotherlpwisyourfavouritetoppingyestherearetwopws

11. MOST IMPORTANT RULE! Is to have fun and enjoy your stay. We hope to see you soon!  
01. SUBSCRIBE! Subscribing is compulsive, Upvotes are very much appreciated and encouraged!

02. CHOOSE! Check on our masterlist if your desired faceclaim is still available. If you can't decide on one, feel free to check out our wishlist.

03. RESERVE! Comment below with the password(s) and your timezone. Reservations lasts up to 24 hours. If you need an extention, do inform us down below with a reply!

04. MAKE YOUR ACCOUNT! Format is @idol(shio) or @shio(idol). Only make your account after an admin had finally accepted your application.

05. MENTION AND FOLLOW! Mention base and follow its all of its followings. Make sure to follow all of the rules and you're all set to go!


blackpink; jennie JISOO
day6; wonpil
dICKIds; bryn
dreamcatcher; sua
got7;  jaebum JINYOUNG
golden child; Y
jbj; hyunbin
pentagon; kino
pristin; roa yuha eunwoo
seventeen; hoshi wonwoo
twice; nayeon momo mina tzuyu
wanna one; jIHOON
wjsn; bona
Please read the rules thoroughly and carefully.

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kuramoji #1
pristin's yehana, please thank you!
+ cheese ramen with half cooked egg, yum. ♡
twice's momo, please.
instant ramen with cheese!
dickids bryn
partially cooked instant ramen, no water, egg and cheese
witheredtulips #4
blackpink’s jisoo
gmt +8
spicy ramen
cheese & sausage!
wanna one's jihoon
+ 7
instant ramen w/ an egg !
jellybreath68 #6
twice's momo
+ 10
miso ramen
162cms #7
bts’ taehyung, please!
+8 and spicy ramen.
rv's yeri please !!
-7 + spicy veggie ramen !!!
weki meki's doyeon
+7 & instant ramen
sabishiijoseii #10
twice's tzuyu.
+ cup ramen
+ cheese!