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instant is a non-au closed instant noodle concept roleplay which only lasts for one week! it may be a short space of time, but it will be a memorable one.

(click the title on the right for base's account and scroll up admins' pictures for links!)




RULES. • read the rules before joining!

一。 subscribe is a must. upvotes are highly appreciated!

二。 one account per soul.

三。 this is a closed roleplay, therefore interacton between outsiders are forbidden including unverified members.

四。 timeline is unrated hence no ting or any nsfw retweets and please limit the usage of profanities. please try not to spam timeline with retweets or pictures mostly when there are members on timeline. strictly english and limited korean/japanese other languages are prohibited.

五。 otp chasing, facechasing, biased replies, blocking/muting members, cliques/squads are disallowed. additionally, you are banned from talking about triggering topics which could lead to a fight or dramas. please respect each other.

六。 ooc talk are limited, if do please include brackets {}[]() or simply bring it to dms. besides that, discussions regarding of other roleplays or fl accounts are highly restricted and please stay in character.

七。 relationships are allowed after 3 days of joining with the accumulation of 500 tweets for both parties. apologize in advance, we do not accept move-ins.

八。cc are unlimited but only once in 2 days thus please do not abuse the privilege that were given. no tcc. not to mention, we only accept korean idol fcs!

九。 semi hiatus are only available upon request after 2 days of joining together with a condition, 10 tweets/day. in your own words, elaborate the 6th rule!

十。 inactivity for 2 days will be unverified. however, newcomers who failed to reach 66 tweets within 24h of verification will result to an immediate kick out.

十一。 most importantly, go to base's dm for departures, ccs, semi-hiatuses, relationship statuses or any concerns or issues. do not forget to greet the newcomers!


HOW TO JOIN. • looking for guidelines? check here!

一。 make sure to read the rules before applying!

二。 we do not accept twitter reservations and no international faceclaims.

三。 check masterlists for available faceclaims or you can fulfill any of the wishes in the wishlist!

四。 reserve your desired fc along with the password and timezone on the comment section below. reservation will be cancelled if you deleted your comment.

五。 prepare your account within 24hrs after receiving admin's approval so make sure to prepare your account after received the reply.

六。 recycled accounts are fine but you must clear your tweets, following and followers list. ghost tweets/following&followers are forgiven.

七。 username format: @(idol)ndls. strictly in lowercase only, letter replacements, numbers or underscores are not allowed.

八。 please include 'instant' in your profile (bio, location, website) it's a must!

九。 you ought to follow base, admins as well as every members and mention base for verification. you are permitted to interact with members if you have not been verified within 10 minutes.

十。 last but not least, please check event's account or you can simply refer on aff for daily events. have fun!


MASTERLIST.admin reserved00 taken

apink naeun

bts suga jimin v jungkook

blackpink jennie jisoo rose lisa

day6 dowoon jae

dia chaeyeon jenny

dickids bryn

exo kai baekhyun18 d.o

gfriend sowon

got7 jb jinyoung mark youngjae jackson bambam yugyeom

gugudan sejeong

highlight doojoon

jbj kenta taehyun donghan yongguk sanggyun19

loona kimlip heejin

monsta x kihyun minhyuk18

mxm youngmin19

nct taeyong winwin taeil jaehyun

nine muses sojin

pentagon yuto wooseok

pristin kyulkyung

red velvet irene seulgi joy

seventeen wonwoo mingyu jun

sf9 rowoon

stray kids hyunjin chan

the boyz hwall 

the rose jaehyung

trainee seonho

twice nayeon momo 

wanna one daniel minhyun woojin seungwoo jihoon sungwoon daehwi guanlin jinyoung19

weki meki

wjsn seola

soloist sunmi jaypark chungha dean18  ailee

vixx ravi

misc  harin lee christian yu


WISHLIST. • be the one to grant our wishes!

jimin wishes for many members to join and complete groups!

wooseok wishes for day6 members!

sana wishes for spicy noodles.

sojin wishes for nine muses!

v wishes for a neverending food supply.

daniel wishes for girls day's yura and fromis_.

chan wishes for his baby jisung.

jay park wishes for someone.....?

name wish


LOVEBIRDS. • we hope you both last long!

namexname ddmm


Events. • don't miss out our daily events!

sunday: school theme day!

monday: color theme icons.

tuesday: no mention day!

wednesday: pre-debut icons.

thursday: first impression.

friday: trick or treat?



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yoursunyoul #1
the rose’s lee jaehyung, please!
gmt-7(?? pdt? i’m sorry i’m bad w/time zone names)
minimal ooc talk, use bracks or talk in dms, no talk of other rps or fl. stay ic!
quanticos #2
mxm's youngmin, please.

gmt plus nine.
ooc talk to be kept to a minimum or kept in dms, topics on other roleplays or fl are prohibited and act in accordance with your chosen character.
tak0yaki #3
rv's joy
stay in character, limit ooc talk
-oddeyes #4
jbj's sanggyun, please.
minus five. limit ooc; no past roleplay and fl talks.
Day6’s jae
Boi don’t talk ooc too much, use le brackets and just don’t mentione other rps or fls
jbj's yongguk
stay in character
wanna one's jinyoung please!
limit ooc talks, use brackets if needed, and don't talk about fl!
hi, exo's kyungsoo please?
limited ooc talk and no talking about other rps!
itsalliexx #9
soloist ailee pls
gmt -8
Stay in character and limit ooc talks