Weird Tale

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Yunho is surrounded by mostly weird people. He has weird events happening, he suffers weird anxiety, he owns weird dreams at weird night, and mostly everything is so weird. His life is weird. He wants to get angry over his strange living but somehow he could not. Weird, right? His life is so weird and he hates it. But, not when he encounters another weirder man.


Hey guys, this is my first YunJae supernatural story. It is romance, I can't get a new idea though but this time it is different since it is a super natural one. I want to write a horror one but I change my plan. I hope you guys would enjoy reading my story and please support me :) Sorry if there are mistakes though. Thank you!

You all are so sweet and cute :) /hugs all of you tight

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45 streak #1
Chapter 11: didnt check this fic for some time, i thought i would have lots to catch up. glad i dont hv xD *i mean no offense or anything*
might be a bit late, but all the best for your exam.
Chapter 11: Don't feels so bad about it! Do your best at your exam! We'll wait for you! Good luck!
Chapter 11: Good luck on your exam! you can do it! just promise us that you will continue and complete this story once you are free! XD FGHTING!!!!
sunshineonu #5
Chapter 11: All the very best in your exams hon..
Chapter 9: things i like in changwook's room is the bookshelf. i like leader books. i want to touch and open it xD
in this story, i hope its ok to imagine 'L' as L from infinite. unless he got another name soon.
why you want to invade cat's clan? you are such a .............. <-- insert insult word here.

anyway, was changwook a name you made by yourself or he also some-kind-of-idol?
Chapter 8: ok. cat and dog. they are family. hmmmmmmmmmmmmm........
forgot what i want to say. but yeah family drama.
my guess, jae's dad left because he want to protect jae and his mom.
i dont know who is this jae's brother. hard to imagine what he look like. but whatever, yunjae here are the important one.
Chapter 7: i thought they going to have pudding for breakfast. or what's the thing that full in yunho's fridge? forgot what it is. pudding or something else.
so, what is this? cat met his old friend, wolfie or enemy. such an interesting meeting.
Chapter 6: as a 'cat', Jaejoong kinda good at cursing.
in my mind, its really good to sleep with jaejoong as a cat. imagine hugging him so tight with his soft furr. aaa.. i love my cats
jaejoong is revealing himself as yunho's stalker by asking those questions about friends and family. lucky yunho didnt notice or pretend didnt notice?