Shriveled Raisin

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When a troubled artist Jung Yunho prayed to be given a guardian angel, he didn’t expect his apartment to instead be intruded by a man, named Jaejoong, who claimed himself as his death angel.

But, is Yunho really dying or does Jaejoong have a different scheme in mind? 




Welcome and hello there,

After years of a long hiatus, the author has decided to write a new fanfiction.

However, this story is a result of the author's attempt to fight against her writer's block.

Therefore, there may be some chapters that were rushed, and some may be purely plain and bland.

Yet, the author sincerely hopes you that you would find comfort in reading this fanfiction.


This story offers a slow motion of plots and romance.

There would not be much of intense actions, but rather, something to read by whenever you are bored at night, day, or whenever time holds you soft.


Therefore, if you were to read this piece of literature,

the author hopes this story would at least, make you smile.




Thanks to Kurogane Art Studio for the cover!


Have a safe day ahead,

- Love, the author.

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