Dara And Her Seven Dwerps^^

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Dara's daily life with her big baby brothers. Imagine the daily life dealing with your not just 1 or 2 but 7 younger brothers!!? How chaotic would your life be? Dealing with childish grown up men is truly a pain in the ! Not to mention they can be over protective and overboard sometimes but what can they do? They love their dear noona a lot! So let's see how Dara manages her not so small family ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ


Dara- Eldest of the family, career woman, magazine editor in chief.

Jin-  2nd oldest, medical student, intern doctor.

Yoongi/Suga- 3rd oldest, song writer, lyricist, too lazy to finish his studies.

Hoseok/Hobi- 4th oldest, Music Student, School Dance team leader. Residents cook.

Namjoon- 5th oldest ,English Literature student, smartass, Seoul National University student, the nerdy type. 

Taehyung/TaeTae- 6th oldest, Senior highschool student, playful, part of school's student council as a school official photographer.

Jimin/ChimChim- 7th oldest, Senior highschool student, part of school's dance team, sweet, caring. His aegyo always saves his from their sister's nagging.

Jungkook/Kookie- maknae of the family freshman highschool student, varsity player, part of school's sports team. He along with his brothers are popular in school. Their noona is more protective towards him, because she said he was her forever baby.

jhoooooope!!! Hobi's mixtape is out!!! And hi guys! It's been a while! Drop drop drop, your thoughts below😁

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Chapter 22: Oh more dreama! ;) thanks for the uodate authornim!
xxix325 #2
Chapter 20: I'm crying reading this chap. and make me miss my friends.
tinxxi #3
Chapter 19: I'm excited for the boys being uncles!!!! ^_____^
xxix325 #4
Chapter 19: dara is pregnant right? haha I hope this is true.. btw congrats ya for haejin and dara. pls make a beautiful son/daughter. will be waiting. thank you for your update :)
wanderain 1 points #5
Chapter 18: i think Dara might be pregnant? omooo. and good job Namjoon!
xxix325 #6
Chapter 18: jezzz i hate that kind of family.. they talk like they knew anything. you did a great job namjoon ah. stay happy with jennie.. happy new year authornim :)
xxix325 #7
Chapter 17: I got the notification in the morning and trying to read it asap but my sister keep asking me to do something. finally I can read it peacefully now.. So namjoon's gf is kim jennie everyone. so happy my baby is hereee... never think about this pairing before but you makes me think to ship them from now on authornim haha hmm so who is next? yoongi? I love this chapter. can't wait for tae to be back home.
imfarrahlalala #8
Chapter 17: i bet that girl with tae is lisa..ohhhh. . hahaha
Chapter 17: Haejin and Dara and Namjoon and Jennie together...owww... Two cute couple !
joreenmae #10
Chapter 17: Ooohhhh who is the girl model tho taetae? ????

Awwwww how cute namjoon and jennie's relationship.