▪ THREE SIX FIVE ▪ you'll listen to us all year round

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you'll listen to us all year round
3 minutes.6 talents.5 girls.
So fresh

It wasn't easy for Lee Yuri to climb the food chain. In the mostly male-dominated entertainment industry of South Korea, she was a lone lioness, hunting down prey after prey until she had climbed high enough to establish her own company, EM Entertainment. It wasn't enough for Yuri, of course, and she did not rest until she had her very own group under her roof. Her boy group, MBX, were nobodies at first, but it didn't stop them from fighting for their spot in the center of the spotlight. Two years after their debut, the wave of their popularity is turning into a tsunami, and Yuri is ready to make her next move.

A girl group has always been a stepping stone in the grand scheme of things on the way to the absolute top, and what better way to introduce her freshest rookie group than by making it ride a little tsunami of fame?

A sub-unit and a fresh song later, three six five is introduced. Five girls, talented in the six essential idol skills, that will make you fall in love with them in only three minutes. Brace yourself, you'll want to listen to them all year round.

Author's note

Hi! I'm Mari :D

For those of you that know me from my previous works, you know that I am capable both of themes darker than my future and crack bordering surrealism. This story is going to be both xD So buckle your seatbelts, everybody, it's going to be one hell of a ride. 

Brace yourself... A chapter is coming.
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