cracks in his porcelain


In which Woojin tries his hardest not to let Park Jihoon and the memories that his presence resurface lead him off of the path he worked hard to get back on, and Jihoon is made of broken parts but is convinced he's put most of himself back together again.


hi hello its me trin back with another 2park college!au bc im trash and i need to feed you lovely shippers 


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pink_baekbaek #1
Hi! I read this fanfiction on ao3 and I'm sorry this is late, but I want to thank you for making this story. If you don't mind, I screenshot some parts just for reminders because this tackles so many issues about oneself and relationship with others and I am so emotional and kind I really just want to thank you!
This fanfiction is so well-written and real. I do hope your doing well, because this has helped me a lot and I hope you know how precious you are. Thank you again omgomg i cant describe what i feel and i really want to convey them to words and wow just wow
jeulyuhxvii #2
Chapter 6: This is so well-written! I commend you for making this fic. I really love it! Keep up yhe good work authornim!!!

Ps. This is my first time reading a 2park fic and omg you never failed me.
dorky-u #3
This is such an amazing fic!! I love your writing and all the angst and how real pwj and jihoon seem. Please write more 2park fics because you're amazing
cthchy #4
Chapter 6: Honestly I would love to write a long comment but I have no idea how to describe how I feel after reading this other than saying it was beautiful
Chapter 6: This was amazing like omg TT-TT it was beautiful throughout
Chapter 6: I love this ;;
Chapter 6: you did a stunning job with this story. the funny parts made me laugh so much omfg (i legit choked like twice during the beginning it was that hilarious) and the angst parts made me want to curl into a ball and cry (i may or may not have done that during this chapter dkfjdfdfjkd). the angst was executed amazingly, and you captured all the emotions so well.
i'm feeling like ten different feelings rn; it's such a raw, emotional story about being human

ok i'm going to check out your other fics
(i have no regrets reading this in one sitting)

ps i can't believe there's a comment bonus on this?? it's a masterpiece?? why would no one comment on this fjksfjkdjf i'm making a blogpost riGht nOw so this cAN gEt reCognitiOn goddamn
joceychan #8
Chapter 6: seriously, beautiful. you did a really good one there. i waited everyday for the update and at the same time i dont want this to end :') looking forward to read more of your works! author nim jjang!!!
Chapter 6: Iv been a silent reader for a long time but I now (since it's sadly the end) just wanted to say how incredible this story was and how much I loved it!!! it put me through SO many emotions, it made me laugh and cry (literally there were so many tears in so many different chapters and just everything was so sad and then so happy and aahh) and this is honestly one of my favorite fics, I always found myself looking forward to the next chapter and checking back everyday (I kid you not) to see if you had updated. this was such a beautiful story and I can't wait to read your next stories ♡♡♡
INmelodySPIRIT #10
Chapter 6: Waaaaaaaaa~ i cant describe how i'm feeling right now. This fic has grow a spot in my heart and i will cherish it for a long long time. Thank you for this wonderful fic byunderella-sshi. I love how you portray jihoon's and woojin's development in their life to the point that they managed to move on from their past together. It's beautiful and romantic that they both support each other so well. And i guess my fav character in this fic is donghan. God knows how much i want someone like him in my life. Maybe not as a lover, but as someone important in my life that i will be sure to cherish for the rest of my life