❝SQUARE ONE.❞  — nonau mewe-based + all se-xualities. // no sechecks or disabling. // active + lots of faceclaims.


mewe. nonau. #lovewins. est. 220817.

the roleplay is based on mewe, an app and webpage similar to facebook, but you are less likely to get sechecked.
groups 01. 02. 03. 04. 05. 06. 07.
SEPT 21 - 27
OCT 13 - 18
DEC 11 - 25
JAN 01 - 06
FEB 12 - 16
MAR 29 - 02
01. be active outside of pm. you will receive an inactivity warning if you are not posting to the timeline or groups a few times each week.

02. respect other members. facechasing, hating, and biased replies will not be tolerated. avoid forming cliques.

03. welcome everyone. no one wants to join an rp where they'll be lonely. treat others how you wish to be treated.

04. this is a closed rp. ensure your contact list is clean before joining and keep up to date with arrivals and departures.

05. strictly one account per person. failure to obey this rule will result in you being asked to leave immediately.

06. we are only accepting asian faceclaims. pass is a symbol: ! or ? but make it subtle. eg. v from bts please!

07. all se(x)ualities are welcome and there is no dating ban. however we do ask for you to take some time to know your partner prior.

08. pregnany is allowed but mpreg is not, please keep it realistic. same couples will have to use alternative ways to have kids.

09. moving couples are always welcome. we ask at least one of you to let us know when you apply, and provide us with a date.

10. cc and tcc is permitted weekly. tcc lasts five days but if your tcc faceclaim is reserved, you will be asked to change back.

11. keep drama to a minimum, we want this rp to be a positive place. however, if you require admin intervention, let us know.

12. please do not mix ooc and ic. anything ooc is to be kept in brackets or in the ooc group. refrain from godmodding also.

13. 18+ material to be kept in pm or the nsfw group. curses and other offensive words are to be moderated, please.

14. let at least one admin know of any updates. ie. requesting a hiatus, ccing or tccing, newly dating, or leaving the roleplay.

15. failure to notify an admin that you're leaving the roleplay will result in being blacklisted.

⟶ furthur rules will be on display in the rp.
01. subscribe to the story, admins will be checking! upvotes are not needed but are highly appreciated.

02. apply in the comments with an available faceclaim. be sure to use the corect format.
name. group. pass.

03. feel free to make or recycnle an account while waiting to be accepted. please refer to the "acc format" section.

04. once accepted and your account is formatted correctly, send requests to the admins and the groups.

⟶ admin links can be accessed by clicking the 3 icons above, of v, chungha, and jungkook.
⟶ group links are to the left. '07' is nsfw, which is optional and not for those underage.
01. use english characters in your display name. symbols and emojis are fine, but admins need to be able to tag you.

02. ensure your contact list is visible. the option can be found in settings under privacy and sharing.

03. in your bio, please include your name and one of the se(x)uality symbols found below.

aoa - seolhyun.
blackpink - rose. jennie.
bts - v. jungkook. jimin. jhope.
EXID - hani.
exo - chanyeol. sehun. baekhyun. kai.
f(x) - krystal.
got7 - jinyoung. mark.
ikon - jinhwan.
infinite - sungkyu.
jbj - kenta.

monsta x - wonho.
nct - johnny. winwin. jaehyun.
red velvet - seulgi. irene. joy.
seventeen - //
shinee - minho. taemin.
twice - jeongyeon. nayeon.
vixx - leo.
wanna one - daniel.
wjsn - chengxiao18.

actor - choisooyoung.
model - kimjayoung. xiuakay. jeonboram. areum18.
soloist - chungha. hoya. christianyu. jaypark. hyuna.
trainee - //
other - kijikush. yoonbora.
jimin - got7. wanna one. red velvet. monsta x. mamamoo. insert any girl/boy group here because they're all great.

jhope - yoongi and namjoon.

leo - complete vixx. the rose's woosung.

taemin - jongin bc i need me a best friend.

jungkook - weki meki's doyeon. pristin's jieqiong + xiyeon. namjoon & jin.

emily - beg bang yongguk please.

seulgi - stray kids. complete rv. infinite's myungsoo. pentagon's wooseok. astro's eunwoo.

v bts! nct's winwin. exo's ksoo. stray kids. loona. red velvet.

kiji kush - park kyungri. nana. hyuna. cl. jessica jung. red velvet. girls day.

hoya - i need infinite. 

chungha - lee dohwan. hyuna. sunmi. samuel. babylon. monsta x jooheon. 
minho x leo.
01 sep 2017. married.

taemin x chungha.
11 nov 2017. dating.
jungkook x rose.
21 jan 2018. dating.

hoya x jeongyeon.
12 feb 2018. dating.

22 feb 2018. dating

wonho & jinyoung
18 mar 2018. dating

akay & seolhyun
02 apr 2018. dating



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ShtarShtruck #1
BTS Jin please?
Chanbaekfan #2
Exo's Do Kyungsoo for the win!
Shop owner Kim Jino please? (ig: jjinnno)
Bangtan's Yoongi please?
Red Velvet's Yeri pretty please?
block b's ukwon please!
Yerigirl #7
WSJN's Cheng Xiao please!
pc_83838 #8
model areum please !
soyooze #10
model jeon boram please!