Every atom in your body came from a star that exploded

And, the atoms in your left hand probably came from a different star than your right hand.

It really is the most poetic thing I know about physics:

You are all stardust

– Lawrence M. Krauss -



I hate your aggressiveness, your strong character and your bad mood.

You lack of confidence in others, and that you´re always so stubborn.

I hate that you are so proud and  don´t let me help you when you need help.

I hate your jealousy and excessive possessiveness.

I hate your depressive crises,

because you leave me out of everything that happens to you

and I feel worthless because I can´t do anything for you.

 I hate you always want to dominate me.

Can not you really see that I'm completely in love with you?

can you see That all those things I hate are the ones I love too,

because they are all parts of you.


just a little coment. i wanted to add a couple of images showing Amber and Jong and beers, but i dont know how to add it directly in the chap lol. so, in the part where Ambers says she wanted send a pic to krys. imagine that please. have a good weekind ;)


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Chapter 18: I like this chapter
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Chapter 18: Thank you for the update
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Chapter 17: Okay trouble coming, and is that soojung at the end?

Though i wanted to keep it positive that she has a reason for doing that. It would be more challenging if we got some problem but not too long pleasee just like 1 or 2 chap then they resolve the problem i can't bear with angst phase for too long..
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Chapter 17: moree pls 🤧
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Chapter 17: Oh god no soojung
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Chapter 17: Thank youu!!! I am still here 😄
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Chapter 16: Thank you author!
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Thanks for the update!
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Chapter 16: Yess! Thanks Author!
Lovee it!!
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