take this sinking boat and point it home


Seulgi, a struggling musician, has music flowing in the veins beneath her skin. It brings her and her guitar to the streets, where she has met Irene, the kind pedestrian who never fails to smile at her and compliment her singing. 

She needs music to live, but she never really thought that her music also needed one thing: her.


loosely based from a prompt that pyreflyte gave me:

"I'm a struggling musician who plays guitar and sings in the streets, and you're the kind pedestrian who always smiles and compliments me before leaving money, but today you didn't come at your usual time and I'm sad (But you show up thirty minutes later, saying, "sorry, I didn't have any change on me, so I wanted to take you out somewhere instead. Eat with me?")"

it was supposed to be a drabble, but it got away from me and grew into something else. and now the bws will never let me live it down. lol

s/o to the bedwarmers squad + tantan for the helping me brainstorm! thanks pyre for the prompt and for letting me use the hummingbirds™, and thank you to bubunn for the amazing fic cover. :')

happy seulrene day!



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megangoldberg #1
very interesting
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Happy seulrene day!
Chapter 1: This is so well written! I love it so much. You can follow Seulgi through her baby steps and it's so beautiful. I will surely re-read this one whenever I'm feeling down. Thank you so much for writing this! And congrats on the feature, well deserved!
reveluv316 761 streak #4
congrats on the feature
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Congrats on the feature!
Chapter 1: So cute, I love them💗💛
Chapter 1: This was so warm🥹 thank you for writing this!! I’m in love with your writing style hehehehe
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Chapter 1: Cutieeee💛💗💗💛