10 ways to make Siyeon love Eunwoo

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10 ways to make Siyeon love Eunwoo.

Every chapter will uncover one way.

Will the ice princess fall in love with Eunwoo in the end?


Eunwoo was in love.

She wanted to melt the ice trapped inside Siyeons heart.

She would do anything to make the younger girl finally love her back.

omg have you seen Siyeons and Nunus live? Siyeon was wearing a pink hoodie I PREDICTED IT! I am happy xiwoo is alive and not as tragic as napink

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Chapter 12: You...stop...you...iloveyou... You should do more because I love all your fics I won't lie okay and if you do next new fic I'll confess my love to you and make you read everyday BUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Chapter 12: Btw, write a Napink fluff please
That was *sob* *wipes tear* so beautiful...
I loved this fic so much and I'll probably read it again some time later. Thank you for writing this masterpiece!
Chapter 12: both happy and sad that this fic already ended :): ofc i'm a thirsty siwoo shipper so i'd like you to make another fic abt them again. something like a soulmate au? lol. it really depends ony ou author-ssi i'll be looking forward to your next story! and thank you for this~
Chapter 12: It ended :((( it was a nice story!!!
21Hunchae #6
Chapter 11: Ohmygod. That was brilliant! U didnt forget the notebook im crying
firstIove #7
Chapter 12: This story is a masterpiece!! Sad that it came to an end but thank you so much for writing ^·^
Chapter 12: ~The End ~
Thank you very much for this fic author-nim!!!!!!
I'm looking for your next fic ~^o^~
Chapter 12: Kyla is going to follow her mom's footstep and find herself a girlfriend<3
Chapter 11: this is so adorable i need more!!! and let me guess NO10 is gonna be like 'make love with siyeon' lol joke pls don't report me! XD