Empty Nest


Youngmin thought he would be ready. He really did. He had braced himself for the goodbyes, but when the time came, his heart grew heavier.

At first he was feeling okay. But as he watched Daehwi and Woojin’s belongings disappear from their usual places in the dorm, he started to realize that this was really happening and he was not feeling okay.

(Or alternatively, Daehwi and Woojin move out of the BNM dorm to the Wanna One dorm.)


Empty nestTransitional phase of parenting following the last child’s leaving the parents’ home.


(This is what happens when you get prompts from a friend that majors in psychology.)


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Chapter 1: Oh mygod i shed a tear? they are so cute... i cant even... bnm boys = family goals lolol
Chapter 1: I cried when they cried ;A;

it's so sad to know the four of them won't be debuting together yet but it's also something good that both the four are busy with their own promotions :"( Soon...all Brandnew boys will be standing in one stage!! again!! :'((

and I love the small dongpaca moments.. ;;
MizuDrop #3
Chapter 1: This is so cute!! XD
Chapter 1: I cried before Daehwi cried, I think that's saying something huge about my love for them! Tysm, for writing this beautiful oneshot, it touched my heart deeply. I'm glad Dongpaca have each other whilst, the maknaes are away!
Chapter 1: my heart hurts I love the bnm family dynamic so much I was lowkey upset that they were split up like that when the two of them got into wanna one

thank you for writing this!