In which Yang Inna, a vampire from a renown family, attends a boarding school meant for both humans and vampires alike, and is introduced to Jeon Jungkook, the cockiest blood- demon she's ever met. 


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yang inna
second year at yonggu academy, located in a very remote area in south korea. she decided to attend as a new student, due to the fact that she saw better prospects there than at her old school. 
she comes from the yang family, which is a renown group amongst vampires, due to the fact that they are one of the oldest vampiric families to date. over the course of centuries, they have had a significant amount of history with humans and were significant figures, amongst a few others, that integrated the two species together successfully. 
yang inna is simply a 17 year old who is only trying to live up to her family legacy, but it's a bit hard when she has so much to live up to. 
jeon jungkook
second year at yonggu academy, and is one of the most coveted students at the school, unsurprisingly. many admire him for his handsome features and intelligent brains, but fail to realize that they're only building his ego. he has been at yonggu since his first year, and has proved to be one of the strongest, despite the fact that he comes from a dark family. 
despite that, he remains to exceed all of the expectations that are pushed against him, and constantly impresses everyone - which may be another reason why a lot of people (especially girls, though it is no surprise) tend to gravitate to him.
jeon jungkook is merely a 17 year old in a giant world, and even though he excels in a lot of things, there's still much more for him to prove.



This story is mainly inspired by a dream I had and I hope you'll all enjoy it! Just to clarify, there won't be much action or violence (if any), and this is more of a coming-to-age fic. I only own the main character, Inna, the plot, and some other aspects, but definitely not BTS or anything Big Hit related!

Constructive criticism is always welcomed and I will try my best to update consistently!

Thank you! 


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PunkRock123 #1
Chapter 4: this fic seems interesting. Keep up the good work, author-nim!! And i'll be looking forward for more chaps ^^
Jenojams #2
Chapter 2: Your story seems super fun! Please update soon!