Wanna be the One

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So okayyy. Its been years since I've last written a story here in Aff. I might've been deem as ridiculous or even childish ages ago but with slight changes in my interest and style of writing, I promise the stories will be more open and interesting.


If any of you have any suggestion for the story development, feel free to comment your idea or DM me about it. I will be sure to credit you in the part that you suggested.


So before you guys proceed, be sure to know that this is not a idol X oc fic because I don't write oc stories and while you're at it I'm going to warn you that this is a mild story because I find disturbing so Yea. Moving on


He was there for him when he needed it, when he thought he had no one except himself.


He was the little escape for him when he was tired of the bright lights shining on him.


He is Bae Jinyoung

He is Lee Daehwi




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Chapter 1: I dream of Daehwi occasionally. I also dream of Xiumin from EXO, but that's beside the point.
Chapter 1: Uuuuu looks interesting ~ other than haknyeon , samuel and seonho is also great in third wheeling jinhwi , as well jihoon xD