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071517    TWITRP

bts. jeongguk. yoongi. hoseok.
f(x). soojung.
idolschool. jiwoo.  
                                                        ioi. somi.                       
mxm. youngmin. donghyun.
nct. jaehyun. 
redvelvet. yerim.
romeo. minhak.
seventeen. soonyoung. vernon.

trainee. seonho. hyunbin. yongguk. donghan. 
twice. sana.
wannaone. daniel. minhyun. daehwi. jihoon. woojin. guanlin.

*reservations reset at 9:00:00pm pst.
yoongi wishes for bts. bestie's haeyrung. yoo ara.
youngmin wishes for wannaone's daehwi. fx's soojung. seventeen's hansol. dean. kenta. yongguk. sihyun.
jihoon wishes for complete the sprouts.
mina wishes for twice. jypnation. ladies code. nflying's hoeseung. woojinyoung. wontak.
jihoon wishes for complete pd 101 s1 and s2. idol school participants. complete wanna one.
yongguk wishes for sihyun. kenta.
jihoon x jiwoo
woojin x hoseok
name x name
rule i. subscribe is a must do. upvotes are loved!
rule ii. this is a closed rolelplay, so please don't interact with outsiders, people who hasn't been verified, or has left.
rule iii. respect all members and do try to make everyone feel at home; don't be too selective and stay away from forming cliques/squads.
rule iv. timeline is unrated but keep sm*t away from the public and refrain from the overuse of memes. 
rule v. be active. reach 70 tweets within 24 hours to keep your spot. inactivty of 2 days result in a kickout.
rule vi. all orientations welcomed. however, both parties need 486 tweets and a 3-day membership to get into a relationship; this doesn't apply to move-in couples.
rule vii. character change is unlimited. the wait time between cc's is 3 days.
rule viii. don't cause any drama. if there's a problem, solve it quietly through dms with the person involved or tell base.
rule ix. please inform base of hiatus, leaving, whereabouts of a relationship, or any inquiries you may have through dm or it will ignored.
htj i. comment with your desired character along with the timezone and password.
/ do not delete your comment or your reservation will be cancelled. 
/ only allowed three plus reservation.
htj ii. username format: (name)cri or cri(name); no initials, numbers, or underscores.
htj iii. you have 24 hours to make your account and mention base: @cheriestwt.
htj iv. remember to mention your favorite starbucks drink.

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vikturi #1
bts’ taehyung if he’s still avail?
+9; strawberry creme frapuccino.
[deactivated] #2
bangtan's taehyung please! thank you.
gmt plus eight; java chip frappe.
twixmsn #3
hey can i reserve jeon somi and svt vernon for a friend?
somi : gmt+11 // java chip frappe
vernon : gmt+8 // caramel machiatto.
red velvet's irene, please.
gmt+, i really don't have one.
incomparabIe #5
monsta x's changkyun and seventeen's joshua for a friend, please?
/ plus ten & i don't drink starbucks.
viscous #6
the boyz's sunwoo please.
& gmt minus five, caramel frappe.
_nojam #7
svt's scoups please
cafe latte all the way as bland as my personality
red velvet's seulgi please!
i've... never been to starbucks. maybe that unicorn drink?
okimsorry #9
twice's sana.
-4, ombré pink drink.
Vcause #10
Are recycled accounts okay? Thank you.