Woo Jin just wants to live a normal life


In which Woo Jin just wants to live a normal live but everything changes after he forgets that Dae Hwi is in their washing mashine and he almost pushed the button to start washing.

So Dae Hwi wants to take revenge after being almost washed.

By introducing Park Woo Jin to one of his friends, friends; Ahn Hyun Seob.

Let the chaos begin <3



A/N: Yeah, soooooo.....

It's been like half a century since I last wrote a story, but.... yeah. Jinseob kind of crept in my heart and I now ship this couple so hard it's unhealthy -_-

Well, I just hope ya'll enjoy this story because it makes no sense, there's no plot whatsoever, it's half crack and half supernatural and english is like not my best language so... excuse my sorry ;)

Okay - be a cool person and don't steal my work here. You know, hard work and everything. 

Secondly, I unfortunately don't own any of the people appearing in my story.

Soooo, that would be pretty much it.

Enjoy <3

Airin Ha


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