Park Sisters: After 2 years of misery, will they finally be able to experience happiness?


          Park Cheun Ah (20): The eldest of the Park sisters. She has the exterior of a cold and tough person, who anyone would be afraid of. Yet in the eyes of her younger sisters, she is the most caring and warmest person you will ever come to know. Will she be able to show her true self to others? Or will she keep her mask on and pretend to be someone who she isn’t?


          Park Seobie (19): The middle of the Park sisters, she is the type of person who’d rather lock herself in her room and read rather than be outside and be crowded by people. Of the 3 Park siblings, she is the most quiet and most reserved. She is a jolly person when she is with her sisters, but not with strangers. Will she continue isolating herself from others? Or will she come out when that special person shows her the wonder of being with others?


          Park Mireu (18): The youngest and baby of the Park sisters. Being young and free spirited, she is the most alive and outgoing of the sisters. She has that ready smile on her face, be it in front of her sisters or in front of strangers. She isn’t naïve and spoiled. She knows when it’s time to get serious and when it’s time for fun. Will she keep her smile like always? Or will she wipe that smile off when someone unexpected comes?



          Yang Brothers: They lived life where everything had been served in a silver platter. Will they finally grow up and be independent from their family?


          Yang Seung Ho (21): The tough and arrogant eldest of the Yang siblings. Being the eldest, he was given the most responsibilities and he hated it when people tell him what to do. He becomes rebellious to show that he wants to do things his own way. Will he continue to with his rebellious ways when he meets his match?


          Yang Byung Hee (20): He is the most rational among the siblings. He likes to reason out and he even talks back at others, especially when he knows he is in the right position. The thing that makes him special is that, behind that rough attitude of his, lays a very sensitive person. Will he be able to keep that hidden side of his when a girl turns his life inside out?


          Yang Doo Joon (19): The youngest and most spontaneous. He is the spoiled type that gets whatever he wants, wherever he wants. The only thing that makes up for his spoiled attitude is that he knows how to get along with people. Will he be able to stop his spoiled ways when he meets someone who doesn’t give in to his desires?





so, i decided to make an MBLEAST fanfic. i just love them sooo much!

anyway, i made a genderswitch genre. i hope you'd like it.


seungho and mir

byunghee and cheundoong 

doojoon and yoseob


joonie will appear somewhere in the story

i like the other beast pairing too, but i can't write that much plot so i made them as extras. 

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Chapter 27: Dear Author-nim .. Don't be sorry for creating this awesome story :D
I really really really LIKE this story of yours, one of many goods fan fics I've ever read !! XD
So.. Please keep writing and don't give up on creating another story especially involving DooSeob in it hehe.. Coz I ship them and love them too much >_<
Thanks a lot and hwaiting~ :)
Karenkitty1092 #2
Chapter 26: Awww this an amazing story.Hope you update it soon.
Chapter 26: *grins* I DEMAND MORE WOMAN! Sho cuwt~ *cooes*
I want to see more of their interactions :p

Glad you're back and updating again!
Unlike someone... *mumbles* /big billboards pointing my way/ *gets bricked*
JaeYong_TY #4
Chapter 24: how about like mirue gets hurt or like seonghos eneme kidnaped her then every one meets up wanting to save her or somthin
Perhaps on the Yang parents' reactions when they found out about their sons' love interest?
MIRaclebiased #6
Dunno ._. Go out and find inspiration xP take your time :)
Chapter 24: Oh! Iknow~ Write about a prom? Or an excusion/camping with school? :D
baby12221 #8
can't wait for update
aigoo.. beast and beauty :3
dooseob why so cute~!!!
Chapter 22: Aww~ So that's were their nicknames for each other came from Kekek :D
OMO Iluv fairytales as well kekek & believe it or not, but my favourite is Beauty & the Beast >//<
*content sigh* DooSeob are just perfect for each other !!

Kekek I actually have a secret wish~ xD I really wish some of the Idols are REALLY gay, like DooSeob, KiWoon, YooSu, YunJae OR HoMin.. Iknow weird right but yeahh~ *shrugs*

Anyway~ Love the chap !! & btw ; Had fun on your date ? :D <3