Stop Comparing Us


Eric (Euiwoong) Lee is your family friend, a bit younger than you, whose mom went to university with your mom. One summer, you and your family stay with him during your visit to Korea. Your mom is so impressed by Eric’s accomplishments and good work ethic that she starts negatively comparing you to him, mostly pointing out that you can't seem to keep up with someone younger than you. You get along with Eric really well – the two of you especially enjoy going out and playing Pokémon Go  – so you try your best to not view him as competition, and hope he doesn’t look down on you because your parents think you’re deficient. How do you deal with a friend who seems so much more accomplished than you are, and is younger than you to boot?


-Over the course of watching Produce 101 Season 2, I really came to love Lee Euiwoong. Not in a romantic sort of way, as he's quite a bit younger than me. ...Actually, I don't even know how I started liking him in the first place. He did solidify his place in my bias list when he showed off his abs in the BIL performance! He's such a kind and hardworking guy that probably makes his parents really proud. We'd probably also make good friends with our shared love of Pokémon and his decent English 

-For international fangirl purposes, I am referring to Euiwoong by his English name, Eric. 

-I added a fun part in the story with Haknyeon and Hyunmin because I like them too. I also included them playing the nametag ripping game from Running Man because I absolutely love that game (and unnecessary physical contact) and the show. 


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