Just Stay, Can You?

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Jessica looking at her medical report, it written clearly that she had anxiety problem which triggered because of the past moment. She sighed, how can she tell Taeyeon about it? When the older girl actually the source of this trigger?

Taeyeon once asked, what if she couldn't stay with Jessica? But she proved by herself that she could stay with her only one girl in this world without doubt

What if, it's Jessica's turn for being the one who need a separation? Can Taeyeon just wait for Jessica to back? Can Taeyeon just stay wherever she is?


Me agaaaaain~~~~~~ I did my promise if my stories Hate and Love at The Same Time reached 100 subscribers (not it's already 99) and the What If I Couldn't Stay reaching 500 subs (it's now 499!) I will write another angst plus fluff story of your fave OTP, Taengsic! Keep your eyes to me, my love~~~~ Anyway for whose being confused, this one is like continuation from my another fic, What If, I Couldn't Stay? this one isn't exactly the sequel but the past memory of them based on that story as well :D


many thanks for ailacute9704 , her poster is amazing! now I had the beautiful poster :D

Merry Christmas everyone!

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Alesmars #1
Never gets boring with your stories, especially this one, you are just awesome authornim, keep writing <3
Taetae234 #2
Chapter 16: Clingy sica and whipped taeng
Taetae234 #3
Chapter 10: Ahhhh i want have my own taeyeon
Taetae234 #4
Chapter 8: I like tae words so much in this chap
Taetae234 #5
Chapter 6: Taeyeon has so many fangirls , sica you must trust tae , she is yours
Taetae234 #6
Chapter 4: I am so soft .... This is makes me cry , please be strong tae
Taetae234 #7
Chapter 3: Why seolhyun always make damage ... In your story
Taetae234 #8
Chapter 2: I crying read this chapter , i cant imagine if tae cry
Chapter 24: I like the story . I'm shocked you mention me haha
anditasone #10
Chapter 11: I Love this, i'm feel the story it's really real.